These days, it seems like none of us ever has enough time. As if we’re always on the go. We always have things to do. Places to be. People to please. Jobs to do. And it’s exhausting. When really, there’s just one job that you want to be able to focus on – parenting. Yet, that can often be easier said than done. Quite often, it can be just one of those things that you find yourself stressing out about. Because you feel guilty that you’ve got all of these commitments and you just want to show up for your kids. But, you’ve got to work. And you’ve got bills to pay. And it’s hard to manage it all. Most of us are time strapped dads these days – but you don’t have to overload yourself with guilt because of it. Instead, you can choose to turn to one of these options for a bit of help.

1. After-School Clubs – Time Strapped Dad

First off, you’re going to want to think about what your kids can do after school to buy yourself a bit of time. And this is good for them and not just helpful for you and your working hours. You can even look at options here like for the summer too. Because this is a way for your kids to grow, and you not to have to worry about being there for them all day every day.

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2. Hire a Nanny

If you know that you just need a little bit of extra help after school or even in the mornings, hire a nanny. Just get the help. Because you need to work and earn money, but you don’t have to make this time stressful for yourself, when you can hire someone to help you manage it all better.

3. Flexible Working Hours – Time Strapped Dad

If you feel as if you’re just working too hard all of the time, or you want to be home more, maybe you need to get a flexible working agreement. You can find out more about flexible work here if you’re not sure what that looks like. Or maybe you want to go freelance or start your own company so that you’re have more control over your time.

4. House Help

And finally, you’ve then also got the house to think about. Because when you’re working hard, the last thing you want to do is put the kids to bed and then have to do the laundry and the lunches and clean the bathroom. But at the same time, your kids need clean clothes and food and you don’t want to live in a pig style. So compromise. Hire help around the house. Invest in a cleaner and even get the nanny to do lunches so that when you’re home, you’re home. And you can give your kids your undivided attention.

Sometimes, a little delegation and investing in outsourcing the things that need to get done, but that YOU do not have to do, can be a small price to pay for you to get your time back.

What additional advise would you give?

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