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My 2015 Subway Challenge

My 2015 Subway Challenge / Bet

I can’t speak for you, but I have the funniest way of getting myself into trouble. What started out as innocent conversation quickly turned into the challenge of the year. Here let me explain…

I’m a Big Subway Fan

It is common knowledge that I am a Subway fan, a really BIG fan actually. I eat there pretty regularly 4-5 times a week. I have a co-worker, Renee’ Groskreutz, owner of iTeachBlogging, who shares office space with me and helps me with web design contracts for DFW Website Designers. Anyway, inevitably each day I usually make a lunch run and I always ask her, “Do you want anything from Subway?” I consider this statement to be a courteous nice gesture, one co-worker would extend to another.

She likes Subway, but let’s just say, she doesn’t “love it” nearly as much as I do. This past Thursday, she said, “You always eat at Subway, why don’t you make a lunch run somewhere else?” That’s where it started. I am not 100% sure of what the exact words were after this conversation/argument transpired. However, here is how the debated ended… “If you love Subway so much, I bet you a month’s worth of lunches, you can’t eat there 500 times before the end of the year.”

Perhaps I should have called a “time out” and regrouped. Perhaps I should have punched the number of days left in the year and divided by 500. Perhaps I should have taken the high road and offered to go to Taco Bell. Perhaps I should have taken a Subway lunch break and gathered my thoughts.

But “Nooooo!” I had to accept this challenge and up the ante! So, I am “officially” in the challenge of my life. Here are the rules I’ve been talked into, I mean accepted…

Fred’s 2015 Subway Challenge / Bet

The Bet: I, Fred Campos, bet Renee’ Groskreutz, paid lunches for the entire month of January 2016. If I win, Renee has to eat at Subway every business day, and if I lose, I cannot eat at Subway for a month. Loser has to pay for ALL lunch meals in the month of January 2016.

The Terms: That I, Fred Campos, can eat 500 Subway meals between April 15, 2015 and December 31, 2015.

The Rules: I, Fred Campos, have to eat 500 Subway meals, from at least 50 different Subway locations, without skipping no more than 5 days, and every one of those meals must be different (i.e. no two meals can be made the same way or it doesn’t count.)

The Tracking: I, Fred Campos, have to record and show evidence of such on a page in this blog.

So there you have it. Me and my big mouth have just become the biggest fan of Subway in a matter of moments.

So am I in trouble or what? Can I pull this off? Will I make Renee’ eat all her meals at Subway in January of 2016?

No paid image here, Fred takes tons of his Subway sandwiches pictures daily. He’s a fan! Fred is not currently affiliated with Subway in any fashion, but he welcomes it in order to pull off this bet. Jarid, I need you man!

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Fred Campos, Top Geek, blogs about everything from House of Cards to Subway. In addition to blogging, he is a public speaker and humorist in child custody, social media, web development and parenting. He is married to one @SuperParentMom, and raising three world changers. For more details on his custody course visit, Like this post? Make sure you subscribe to this blog.

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