Winning Your Case Depends on You, Guest Post Joseph Goldberg on https://www.daddygotcustody.comI am frequently asked, “Who else should I hire to help in my court case?” To answer that question, I have invited Joseph Goldberg to guest post. Joseph is the leading expert in Parental Alienation and a consultant on the subject.

In high conflict divorce and separation cases, if a parent makes a false allegation of abuse or destabilizes a child’s trust in the other parent or exposes the child to adult information or badmouths the other parent to the child or interferes with visitation or blocks a child from telephone access or uses a sibling to interfere with the other parents authority, then this parent is programming the child with parental alienation.

It may be time to hire a consultant.

When you hire a consultant, they can tell you, “what is parental alienation” and “what isn’t parental alienation.” Judges are not interested in two parents that are totally at opposite ends in their parenting style and polarized. That won’t help any parent-child relational problem. Judges in this scenario, will tune you out and look to appoint some type of professional to give them guidance i.e., a lawyer for the child, a mediator, a parenting coordinator, a child therapist, a custody evaluator, a supervisor of visitation, a family therapist or a judge could decide to empower a child to choose whether or not to see or communicate with a parent they reject.

Many parents cannot afford a lawyer because they believe that it will cost more than they can afford. Sadly that is not always true because they may have money but they’re just not sure how far that money can go. You need a consultant to answer that concern. In this situation a parent can hire a consultant to select a lawyer to work with them in an unbundled legal services agreement.

When this happens two things start to change.

The first thing to change is that you now have a lawyer and the other thing to change is that you now have the best lawyer you could ever hope to find. Why? Because your consultant gives the lawyer the input he or she needs to win your case. A competent lawyer becomes a very good lawyer because of the input he or she receives from the consultant. Stop looking for parental alienation lawyers and focus on finding a consultant available to help.

A lawyer will not spend the time or bill you for the time it takes to identify the cause of the ruptured relationships within your family. There are only two ways to get to that answer; a full psychological evaluation of all the members of the family, or hire a consultant with an expertise in parental child relational problems. The latter is less costly, and provides voluminous additional help. Please call a consultant before you do.

Taking a chance without a consultant is a sure bet that you’ll get a poor outcome in court. After all, it depends on you!

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What have been your experiences with a consultant? How have you dealt with parental alienation?

Joseph Goldberg is the Founder and Principal of Goldberg & Associates, a consulting practice that focuses on helping to repair parent-child relational problems influenced by conduct that causes estrangement, enmeshment, and parental alienation. Feature image courtesy of bpsusf on