Thank you for signing up! We will let you know shortly when this course is available. We are video shooting and hope to have it completed by June 8th, 2015. Here is a more detailed outline of what you can expect. Stay tuned and check out our blog.

How to Win Custody of Your Kids Full Course Outline:

Module 1 – How to Win Custody of Your Kids

1) Introduction and What the Course Covers
2) Let’s Discuss Custody.
3) Court Filings and Procedures 101.
4) Your Advocate, Your Attorney.

Module 2 – Life Changes for Custody

1) Time Changes with Your Kids.
2) Your Educational Parental Involvement.
3) Home Life Changes You Need to Make.
4) Your New Personal Life 2.0.
5) A Post Relationship Look at Your Health.

Module 3 – Organized Exhibits for Custody

1) Letters and Correspondence for Court.
2) Calendar Tracking for Court.
3) Flip Charts and Recordings for Court.
4) Photo Albums, the Secret Weapon for Court.

Module 4 – Your Court Proceedings

1) Court Witnesses Needed for Trial.
2) Organizing a Well Run Custody Case.
3) Pre-Final Run Through.
4) Your Custody Days in Court.
5) Life After Final Orders.