Tag: Why You Should Dress Up for Court

What Will Happen if You’re Getting Taken to Court

There are all kinds of reasons why you might find yourself being taken to court. Sometimes, it can come out of nowhere and other times you might be keen to fight your case so that you can get the outcome you want or prove your innocence. Whatever your situation, you need to know how the process is going to play out and what you can expect as you move through the different stages of the process.

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How to Mean Business in Front of Your Judge

So let’s get this straight. A person you barely know (judge), is going to make life-changing decisions for you, and your child. How much visitation you get, whether or not you get custody, and how much child support you will pay will be determined by this person. Great. No pressure here. Of course, you must prepare for the initial meeting, and you can’t be careless or neglectful.

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Court Conduct, 10 Tips for Inside the Courtroom

When entering the courtroom for your hearing, you should know a few ground rules and expectations. It was funny to watch Jo Pesci’s character, Vinny Gambini, get in constant trouble with his behavior in the 1992 courtroom comedy, My Cousin Vinny.

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Buy or Clean a Coat, Tie & Suit Prior to Court

Every time you walk into court, whether you’re coming in to drop off a piece of paper, make a child support payment, or even if it was just the closest bathroom on your way to somewhere else, you need to be dressed to the hilt. The legal system is a very, very judgmental system.

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