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What to Expect After a Social Study

Friends, I get letters and eMails every day asking questions about their specific court cases. I will try to find the best ones and sharing my answers weekly. Below is an eMail from a step-Dad asking, “What to Expect After a Social Study” regarding his wife’s child custody process.

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Why Child Custody Evaluations are So Stressful Part 3 of 4

Cooperation: the Key to a Successful Custody Evaluation. Cooperate. If you are looking for one word that will prepare you for your child custody evaluation, and give you the best chance of gaining custody of Johnny, that’s it. Cooperate. Do you want to be there? No. Do you have to be there? No. Only if you want custody of your child. And that means cooperate under every circumstance.

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Why Child Custody Evaluations are so Stressful Part 2 of 4

A child custody evaluation usually begins with a court-appointed psychologist to conduct a family assessment. Depending on the situation, this evaluation could involve a step-parent, fiancé, or live-in partner. The questioning should include questioning the parents together or separate, and perhaps the more mature children. If interrogated separately, parents should be asked the similar questions covering the same topics/concerns and should address the well-being of the children.

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Practice to Win Your Child Social Study Evaluation

To win your child social study evaluation, your kids will need to feel comfortable talking with the case worker. Yes, they are going to have to talk and answer questions with this stranger. Caitlyn was four years old when a caseworker arrived at my house to conduct the court appointed social study.

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