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Teen Career Talk: Undecided Major is NOT an Option

When I started college 25 years ago, the number of friends that majored in “Undecided” was huge. We were told that a degree in anything would work and tons of my friends graduated with a degree in “General Studies.” That was fine when 18 hours cost about $500, but today a college semester can set you back to the tune of $7,500 at a state school.

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Teen GPA Talk: Good Grades Give You MORE Options

The first nine years of school have been nothing more than prep work for their high school GPA. Remember colleges will look at all four years of grades and that includes their 9th grade year. In addition to grades, now is the time to start taking the right classes for college. Here are some tips to consider.

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Teen Social Media Talk: Clean Broadcasting is a LONG Term Option

Four years ago when I started a social media web company, I never dreamed my phone would ring with businesses wanting to do social media background checks for new hires. Read that line again. Parents, what our kids post, blog, tweet, and pin up on social media during their adolescence could come back to haunt them.

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Teen Sex Talk: Purity Offers the Best FUTURE Option

The 2011 Center for Disease Control reveals that nearly half of all high school students reported having had sex. One in three claimed to have sex during the last three months and half of the 19 million new cases of STD are among these same young people.

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6 Conversations to Have with Your Teen Starting High School

Nothing marks time like having kids. One day you blink and your 14 year old is starting 9th grade. I am fortunate to live in a district that actually still has 9th graders in middle or junior high school. However, 9th grade actually is the beginning of high school. So with that in mind, I am planning and reviewing the most important talks I want to have with my soon-to-be high schooler, Caitlyn.

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