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Using Technology to Deal with Parental Alienation

Therapists, lawyers, psychologists, and psychiatrists—they all will give you a different definition about what parental alienation is about. But to put in it’s most crude form: **it has to do with everything that a custodial parent does like using estrangement to create a division between the victimized parent and child, being hostile, nudging and conspiring, etc.

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10 Reasons Alienating Dad is Bad for Your Kids

In my free time, I work and encourage parents going through divorce. I talk with Moms and Dads who are really struggling to co-parent or work with one another. Occasionally, I will meet a Mom who tells me she sees no value in her kids spending time with Dad. Or a Mom who will ask me is there any hard evidence that divorce children benefit from seeing their father?

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Are You the Problem When Johnny Doesn’t Want to Visit?

The time has come for the *“weekend visit.”* Ever since the divorce, your child has visited the non-custodial parent, mostly without incident. However, this time is different. The child balks, drags his feet, and complains. While that might not be unusual, this time, his reaction is more determined.

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