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Getting Your Kids Outside With Old-Fashioned Fun

Making your home child-friendly and a place your kid will love is really only half the battle. After all, no child wants to stay cooped up inside all day. So, coming up with fun outdoor activities is always a plus. Getting your kids outside is a must.

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5 Great Kindergarten Games to Play

Being a five year-old kid is a magical time of learning. The learning window is wide open in Kindergarten. Children begin reading, meeting classmates, and learning how to interact in society. So much early life experience occurs during their playtime at this age. I recommend parents not only read to their kids 30 minutes everyday, but that they also take an hour a week and play family board games.

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5 Free Papa Louie Arcade Games to Kill ANY Productive Day

I have two boys ages 11 and 5 who are very much computer addicted to free “PapaLouie” games. I have no idea where they get their laptop obsession. I try very hard to make some time and actually play these online games with them (or next to them). I have to say most of them are very good…

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