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25 Reasons I Am Thankful this Crazy Year

I think Charles Dickens had it right. This has been one crazy year. I’ve had some significate unexpected victories, but I have also shed more tears in prayer through hardship. As my pastor friend always says, “To reach new levels, you tackle new devils.” Thank the LORD we set aside one day a year, Thanksgiving…

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The Truth Fairy

Last night my 10 year old daughter, Caitlyn, came home barreling through the front door overly excited to show me that she had lost a molar tooth. I barely got the words out, “How was your weekend with your mom?” when I was quickly holding and admiring my daughter’s greatest loss. “You owe me big time! This one fell out by itself when I was eating a burger for lunch yesterday at mom’s.”

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No Santa, Why Should the Fat Guy Get Credit?

I think we’ll open the majority of our gifts on December 28th. Does this sound strange? Well let me explain. However before I do, I have to address a pretty controversial issue. Santa, we quietly don’t do Santa at our house. Now before you call me a cruel parent let me explain. Below is a post I wrote in a previous blog back in 2008 that generated a lot of controversy and just about started…

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Seven Tips to Not Die as You Black Friday Shop

My completed bucket list of life’s greatest moments contains such jewels as: biking down the volcano tour of Haleakala in Maui, to walking Jesus’ footsteps on the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem. But truth be known, not even the birth of my third child Daniel, compares to Black Friday shopping.

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