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DGC 010 – 06/17/2018 Do’s and Don’ts Conduct Inside the Courtroom

Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad, discusses conduct and presentation in appearing and testifying in court. How you conduct yourself says a lot in regards to your chances for full custody. Fred outlines 10 Do’s you must do every time you are in court, as well as, 10 Don’ts to do in court. Custody success favors the prepared parent, be that parent!

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DGC 006 – 05/19/18 The People’s Court, Judge & Jury System

Fred Campos, discusses the importance of your final court hearing. Can you win custody after the final? What is the typical flow of a judge or jury trial? Is it like television courtroom drama? Finally, he shares how to prepare for your final court hearing. What to do three months in advance, a week in advance and the day before. Life comes down to a few moments, your final day in court is one of them!

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