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Stay in the Same School District & Live as Close to Your Ex as Possible

Parents divorcing can be a traumatic experience for kids. It can send their whole life into upheaval all by itself. Add onto that changing schools, losing friends, having to give up activities. Aside from just caring more about your kids than what neighborhood you live in, staying in the same school district is also impresses the Judge.

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Moving? Best Interest of the Child? Probably Not

Under the standard, “best interest of the child,” conditions been determined, maybe after several attempts to figure out what that exactly means. Now, with an upheaval, the situation has changed, maybe dramatically and you have to go back to the court and make your case that a move is still in the child’s best interest.

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What is Domicile Restriction?

US Legal states: “Domicile restriction may be imposed by a court in an effort to promote regular and continuous contact with both parents, requiring the parent with the exclusive right to determine the child’s residence to be restricted in that determination. The child’s domicile may be restricted to a particular geographic location, usually a county and contiguous counties.”

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