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The Vindictive Disneyland Parent Syndrome

Bill, a Special Forces sniper returned from his final tour of duty overseas only to find an empty house and divorce paperwork. He tried everything to gain his wife back from her new found love–Paul, hired an attorney and fought hard for better access to his boys but in the end had nothing more than every other weekend access.

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The Manipulative Disneyland Parent Syndrome

Jill, just two months out from her final court orders, is still reeling emotionally about the divorce with Joe. She is mature enough to not speak ill of Bob in front of their nine year-old daughter Denise, but still feels the need to control her daughter’s environment..

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The Guilty Disneyland Parent Syndrome

Most of the time, non-custodial parents are often hurting, missing their kids and wanting to make up for time missed. They want to enjoy the kids and we, the structured custodial parents, are bitter about “getting them back on schedule tomorrow.”

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The Disneyland Parent Syndrome Defined

According to USLegal.com, a site that defines legal terms, the “Disneyland Parent” refers to a “noncustodial parent who indulges his or her child with gifts and good times during visitation and leaves most or all disciplinary responsibilities to the other parent.”

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