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Avoid Sabotaging Your Own Custody Case (1/3)

While working to gain child custody, you will make mistakes, probably more than your share. Some seem worse than they are, you can recover. But too many custody-seeking dads sabotage their custody case, and just one negative comment, one moment of a lost temper, and your efforts can be torpedoed.

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Subpoenaing Key Witnesses for Hearings

You would not be fighting for custody if you didn’t think you are the better parent, or at least better than your Ex. Your position is a given, otherwise you would not be involved in your custody case. Therefore in regards to your testimony, almost anybody else testimony carries more weight than yours.

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How to Prepare for a Court Appointed Social Study

Previously I gave you ten recommendations to Be Prepared for Your Child Custody Evaluation, or social study as they are called in Texas. Today I want to go much deeper and look as very specific tasks to consider for a court appointed social study. Type Out the Paperwork Fully & Completely.

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How to Mean Business in Front of Your Judge

So let’s get this straight. A person you barely know (judge), is going to make life-changing decisions for you, and your child. How much visitation you get, whether or not you get custody, and how much child support you will pay will be determined by this person. Great. No pressure here. Of course, you must prepare for the initial meeting, and you can’t be careless or neglectful.

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Court Conduct, 10 Tips for Inside the Courtroom

When entering the courtroom for your hearing, you should know a few ground rules and expectations. It was funny to watch Jo Pesci’s character, Vinny Gambini, get in constant trouble with his behavior in the 1992 courtroom comedy, My Cousin Vinny.

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Showtime Begins & Ends in Court from Your Car

Judges, opposing counsels, witnesses, are parking cars next to yours, walking in behind you and either getting the doors held for them by you—or else closed in their faces. During my trial, I saw dads and other people going to court who were losing their cool in the parking garage.

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