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The Biggest Parenting Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Being a parent is no simple task, especially when alone or co-parenting with a previous partner. It is a role that comes quite easily to some of us, but for others, it can be a lot more troublesome. While each of our experiences as a parent is quite different, there is one thing that we are all sure to do at some point – Make a mistake. These mistakes don’t necessarily make you a bad parent, but it is best to avoid them. With that in mind, here are six mistakes that you might make.

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Best Co-Parenting Advise? After Exchange Make Kids Change

Parenting styles change from parent to parent. This is never more evident than dealing with divorced parents. As your kids grow older, you make find resistance and awkwardness in the hours leading up to and coming back from a transition from Mommy’s house to Daddy’s house. In blended and divorced families this transition time…

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Beyond Divorce to Co-Parenting

Few new situations work from the start; that new job, a move, even the joy of buying a longed-for car can temporarily *“throw us off our game.”* For a while. But we eventually work out the rough spots, develop a routine, and ultimately get comfortable in our new surroundings.

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