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DGC 008 – 06/03/18 Temporary Orders & Child Support

A temporary orders hearing is often like a mini-trial or a preview of what the final trial will look like. The attorneys present arguments, examine witnesses, and present evidence before the judge. This gives the Judge an idea of the temporary issues at hand that need to be decided. These Orders are temporary and generally designed to maintain the parties’ status quo until the case is finalized.

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Your Kids Care about their Dad More than Child Support

“Over the years, I’ve interviewed numerous children in connection with my child custody law and mediation practice. When asked about their feelings and wishes, NOT ONE child responded that they wanted more child support from Daddy. I have had a few children request that their Dad…

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A Look at the Inconsistency of Child Support State Laws

While painful, child support can be fairly clean, especially when one parent is the primary caretaker. However it gets more complicated with shared custody, where a wide divergence in the parents’ income can create controversy and hurt feelings. While several models exist, and the process will vary greatly from state to state,

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