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How to See Life through the Eyes of a Lion

We are all called to be a part of God’s calling on other’s lives. Most of us are called reach those around us. Suffering is not from God but can be used by God to His glory. We need to have our eyes of a lion L-E-N-S on. Look beyond, Earnest expectations, New ways because, Sunday’s coming!

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Q/A with Bil Cornelius, “Managing People”

Managing people takes guts and leadership. It’s hard work. It requires you to find the right team, even if it means letting some go. Be vulnerable, spontaneous, ignore the public criticism, and mentors those around you. But LEAD, otherwise you’ll never fully accomplish your goal and reach as many people as possible.

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The Point of No Return, C3 Conference 2016

When you are flying and their are problems with the flight, you often reach the point of no return. The point when you have to trust your instruments and press on–to land. Having faith and trust in God, is like studying your six dashboard instruments on a plane.

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Pass the Test, Bil Cornelius C3 Conference 2016

Not every problem you have is from God. Sometimes problems are part of the test God has given us. We should trust God like Abraham, get to work on the areas God has already told us to do. We only need to trust God and have faith and pass the test!

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Proper Prayers, Positions People to Praise thru Problems

Problems can be a test from God. We should not lose site of our position, which is to surround ourselves with the right “they” (prophets) in our lives, to encourage us to hit our knees (posture), to pray and praise against our enemies. For the battle is His, and going through the valley is part of His blessing!

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3 Reasons to Get Fat – C3 Conference 2016

I am blessed to be a member of Fellowship Church. For the past 10 years I have attended their annual pastor’s Creative Church Conference, better know as C3. Each year, Pastor Ed Young invites about 3000 pastors from around the world, to study creative ways to do church. As a business owner, I always get tons of ideas that apply to my small business.

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