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What Your Attorney Wants to Tell You, But Probably Won’t

Sure, you and your lawyer enjoy attorney-client privilege, everyone knows that. What is said between you and your attorney is private, and breaking that can be grounds for your lawyer’s disbarment. But what does your lawyer keep from you? What does not say that would probably help your relationship? There are several, and as you read, ask, “How many of these am I guilty of?”

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When Considering an Attorney, See Samples of the Bill

One of the difficulties of hiring an attorney is it a skill you don’t exercise often. If you hired a lawyer every month, you would improve in your selection process. For this reason, when seeking an attorney, you need to start by interview at least five. Next, prepare your list of interviewing questions, call and checked their references, …

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7 Post Recap: How to Hire a Custody Attorney

You’ve been served papers. The divorce is serious. Should I hire an attorney? Where do I look to find the right attorney for me? How do I hire an attorney? What questions should I be asking a potential lawyer. Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad recaps several posts to answer your hiring attorney questions.

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How to Find the Best Custody Attorney

You’ve decided to hire a child custody attorney. That decision is critical to your success. It might be the most important decision you make. You not only have to find a good one, you must find the right one and I ABSOLUTELY believe you should hire one.

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Six Tips for Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

So you’ve been served papers, your divorce is not salvageable, you made an absolute calculated decision that you would be the better parent, and you need to fight for custody. It’s time to hire a good attorney. So how do you find a good attorney?

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Listen and Find Good Attorneys in Court

Spend the first hour in the court room hallway, second and third hours in the actual court room, and finally an hour by the attorney/client conference meeting area. Start in the morning with the hallway outside the court room. Watch carefully the interactions attorneys…

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