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DGC 010 – 06/17/2018 Do’s and Don’ts Conduct Inside the Courtroom

Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad, discusses conduct and presentation in appearing and testifying in court. How you conduct yourself says a lot in regards to your chances for full custody. Fred outlines 10 Do’s you must do every time you are in court, as well as, 10 Don’ts to do in court. Custody success favors the prepared parent, be that parent!

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Court Conduct, 10 Tips for Inside the Courtroom

When entering the courtroom for your hearing, you should know a few ground rules and expectations. It was funny to watch Jo Pesci’s character, Vinny Gambini, get in constant trouble with his behavior in the 1992 courtroom comedy, My Cousin Vinny.

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Showtime Begins & Ends in Court from Your Car

Judges, opposing counsels, witnesses, are parking cars next to yours, walking in behind you and either getting the doors held for them by you—or else closed in their faces. During my trial, I saw dads and other people going to court who were losing their cool in the parking garage.

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Buy or Clean a Coat, Tie & Suit Prior to Court

Every time you walk into court, whether you’re coming in to drop off a piece of paper, make a child support payment, or even if it was just the closest bathroom on your way to somewhere else, you need to be dressed to the hilt. The legal system is a very, very judgmental system.

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