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Oklahoma City Father Lawyers, Carla Robey-Harcount http://www.carlaharcourt.com

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Attorney Carla Robey-Harcount:

For more than fifteen years, I have been an advocate for women, children and men who have been wronged, injured or need resolutions to their problems. It is important to me as a lawyer and as a person to accept only those cases where my experience and training can provide the best legal expertise for you, the prospective client.

It is important to you, as the client, to choose a lawyer in whom you have confidence in their legal knowledge and a lawyer that you can trust to represent you to the best of his/her ability both legally and ethically. If you choose me to be your lawyer and I accept your case, I will promise to represent you or yours to the very best of my ability and to do so, legally and ethically. But, just as important, I will have “your back.”

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