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How China Educates Kids - China Trip 2015

China Trip – How China Educates Kids – Day 4

I have been deemed the official trip taster by those around me. A designation I truly don’t feel comfortable or knowledgeable to accept. My culinary array of fine food falls on spectrum of Ramen noodles, TV dinners, and fast food varieties. Nevertheless, my esteemed delegates need my distinguishing palette…

Beijing and Forbidden City, 2015 China Delegates

China Trip – Beijing and Forbidden City – Day 3

Our group gathered, filled out paperwork and one by one officially entered China on a one-time guest visa. When it came to my turn, I tried hard to smile and take my questions seriously. When I don’t get enough sleep or forget my ADD meds the whole world starts becoming funny. “Federico, do you have anything to declare?”

Sleeping on the Plane to China by

China Trip – The Longest Day Ever – Day 2

My large luggage is checked to China, and I flew through US security inside LAX’s International terminal. International security was a breeze, as I guess brown shorts and green Crocs don’t fit any profiling threats. They didn’t even harass me about having two laptops in my carry-on or require me “to cough,” like last time.

Fred's China Trip 2015

My School Board Trip to China – Day 1

As a newly elected school board member, I have an opportunity to visit China. HEB ISD teaches and offers world languages, which includes Mandarin Chinese for our students. Both governments provide an ongoing opportunity for educators to learn and study how education is done in China, called the Chinese Bridge Delegation.

The Truth Fairy by

The Truth Fairy

Last night my 10 year old daughter, Caitlyn, came home barreling through the front door overly excited to show me that she had lost a molar tooth. I barely got the words out, “How was your weekend with your mom?” when I was quickly holding and admiring my daughter’s greatest loss. “You owe me big time! This one fell out by itself when I was eating a burger for lunch yesterday at mom’s.”

How Band, Flags, and Cheers Make New Fans

How Band, Flags, and Cheers Make New Fans

It has been a little over a year since I have been assimilated into the high school football Borg. This cybermetic cultish collective has been an interesting process for me personally, now that my daughter is part of a band. For that reason, my obligation for watching football has increased a hundredfold. I have seen more live football in the past year …

No Santa, Why Should the Fat Guy Get Credit? by Fred Campos

No Santa, Why Should the Fat Guy Get Credit?

I think we’ll open the majority of our gifts on December 28th. Does this sound strange? Well let me explain. However before I do, I have to address a pretty controversial issue. Santa, we quietly don’t do Santa at our house. Now before you call me a cruel parent let me explain. Below is a post I wrote in a previous blog back in 2008 that generated a lot of controversy and just about started…

If Custody Goes to the Better Parent, What Makes One?

If Custody Goes to the Better Parent, What Makes One?

Getting divorced with kids is usually a sad state of affairs. Who should be the primary custodian if all things are equal in a divorce? Left up to the courts, there is really no such thing as shared equal custody. And in my opinion, equal custody isn’t a practical or logistical solution anyway. Judges and case workers tend to agree…

Single Fathers on the Rise by

Statistical Update: Single Fathers on the Rise

Single fathers used to be an anomaly. With small numbers, all of which meant you had few resources, no place to turn for solace, or for counsel. But how many of you now actually exist? How many *‘friends’* or at least single dad colleagues are out there now? How much have the numbers grown? And who are you?

Our Geeky Future Includes Wifi Implants

Our Geeky Future Includes Wifi Implants and Robotic Pets

If you’ve been reading me for a while you know I’m a token geek. I always carry a laptop and a wifi aircard with me ever where I go. I may close the laptop but I need to know that I could be online in 30 seconds if need be.