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Avoid Unhealthy Ideas about Courtship

Young Men! Here’s How To Avoid Unhealthy Ideas About Courtship

As a young man, visiting the internet these days is a tumultuous time, for many reasons we needn’t go into here. We are not here to debate politics, or philosophy, or even contest with experiences you might have had. Instead, without being naive or disrespectful, we wish to try and help young men who may have adopted some bad ideas as their own, ideas that may ultimately force them out of the dating circuit through attitude alone.

How to Win Spouses & Bedtime Little People

How to Win Spouses & Bedtime Little People

If you look closely at my goals, you’ll notice I need a lot of help in the “Date Nights” with SuperParentMom department. I married up the food chain and my wife is a trooper, especially being a step-mom, but I need to make her more of a priority. Especially over the kids. Repeat after me dads… “Spouses stay, kids leave.”

My Failed Macho Experience Grocery Shopping by Fred Campos

My Failed Macho Experience Grocery Shopping

The other night, SuperParentMom was feeling under the weather. And she said those five dreaded words any non-shopping husband like me, wants to hear… “Please go to the store.” But after being married for 13 years, I could tell this [...]