Keeping on Top of Your Illness

Keeping On Top Of Your Illness: 5 Handy Tips

Being ill is always unpleasant. From the common cold to the flu or tonsillitis, being ill stops everything. If you’re trying to combat illness while working full-time, looking after a family, or trying to finish your education, then things can get very difficult. Keeping on top of your illness is essential if you want to speed up your recovery.

Things to Do During Your Free Time as a Dad

Things to Do During Your Free Time as a Dad

Parenting is no easy job and its one that demands a great deal of time. This is why many parents are either over the moon or confused when they finally get kid-free time to themselves. The reality is that there is an endless number of things that you can do depending on your mood and needs at that moment. It could include high-energy activities or lounging around the house guilt-free for once. On that note, here are a couple of ideas for things that you can do during your free time as a Dad.

Should You Ever Be Friends with Your Ex?

Can You (And Should You) Ever Be Friends With Your Ex?

Maybe friendship is too strong of a goal. Perhaps there is too much negative history and one or both of you years later still can’t get past it. Under those circumstances “friendship” may be unreachable. Maybe just being civil to one another while attending graduations or weddings is a step in the right direction.

You Can't Have a Healthy Marriage Without This

You Can’t Have a Healthy Marriage Without This

Everything starts out wonderful. In the early days of marriage or the ‘honeymoon period’, you’re relationship feels like it could never fail. But then kids, stress, and distractions crash the party. You might not notice at first, but cracks begin to appear in your relationship. Before you know it, your marriage is on the rocks. Your healthy marriage is in trouble. What went wrong?


A Co-Habitation Agreement: What You Need to Know

The rights of unmarried couples who live together have been debated for some years, but there is still little progress in terms of ensuring that the rights of unmarried couples are the same as those that are married. If you are an unmarried couple who live jointly within the same house, you may be thinking about obtaining a co-habitation agreement. These legal documents give you much more legal rights and protection than you would have if without it.

Get Your Kids into Crafts

3 Reasons to Get Your Kids into Crafts and DIY

There are all sorts of hobbies and pastimes you might want to do with your kids, in order to enrich their lives, enjoy some quality bonding time, and equip them with valuable skills for later life. And, of course, just to have some good old-fashioned fun. Besides, it’s important to get your kids into crafts.

The Importance Of Minding Your Head During A Divorce

The Importance Of Minding Your Head During A Divorce

No-one can say you’re not entitled to your feelings, but there comes a point that you have to show yourself some self-care, even as tumultuous as your head can be. Here are a few ways to ensure that one of the rockiest periods of your life doesn’t become a permanent thing and why it’s so important to put in the effort.

Forgive and Forget

Can You Forgive And Forget After Everything?

Divorces are painful for everyone. Did you know that in the popular mindset, when a couple with kids goes through a divorce, the majority of people assume that it is the dad’s fault? Why would they even think, without knowing anything of the situation, that it has to be your fault? Call it bias, discrimination, or social misinformation, but ultimately, if you’re in the process of separating from your partner, it’s something you will have to face. As if the whole process were not hurtful enough, you are also under fire for the situation.

Making Your House Full of Fun

Making Your House Full Of Fun

fun house is what it’s all about. When you dream of having your own family and your own life as a younger adult, you dream of how fun you want your house to be, and how much you would like [...]

Is Amicable Separation Possible?

Is Amicable Separation Possible?

Sometimes, it’s no-one’s fault. Your marriage simply isn’t working and you both know it. You want to do what’s right for your kids and family but you also need to do what is right for you. Even when you both know that marriage isn’t working, it can take a lot of strength to admit it to each other.