Impact of Divorce on Your Kids

Great Ways to Reduce the Impact of Divorce On Your Kids

When grown ups decide to separate and emotions soar high, it is hard to think about the kids. However, they are there every minute, witnessing the arguments and dealing with the changes. If you are a dad who is fighting for custody, or would like to take an active part in the upbringing of your kids, you will need to give them all the support they need to survive these difficult times. Below you will find a few tips on how to help your kids through divorce.

12 Ways to Live a Happy Family Life -

12 Ways To Live A Happy Family Life

Although it may seem easy at first, having a happy family life can be an incredibly hard thing to achieve. Rather than keeping one person happy, you need to focus on everyone around you to ensure they’re as happy as things be. Whether it’s ensuring your kids are doing well at school or progressing at work, focusing on a million things at once definitely isn’t easy. To help, I’ve put together a list of 12 ways to love a happy lifestyle.

Biggest Parenting Mistakes You Should Avoid -

The Biggest Parenting Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Being a parent is no simple task, especially when alone or co-parenting with a previous partner. It is a role that comes quite easily to some of us, but for others, it can be a lot more troublesome. While each of our experiences as a parent is quite different, there is one thing that we are all sure to do at some point – Make a mistake. These mistakes don’t necessarily make you a bad parent, but it is best to avoid them. With that in mind, here are six mistakes that you might make.

Your Kids with Never Settle Into their Lives with You Unless

Your Kids Will Never Settle Into Their Lives With You Unless…

Winning custody can feel like a considerable achievement. While it can’t make up for the trauma of divorce proceedings, it can seem like the first positive step in your new life. Sadly, custody itself isn’t always the end of the battle. Often, there are hurdles to face before you become a happy family again. As hard as your separation was on you, you can bet it was tougher on them. For that reason and more, they might not settle into their new life with you as easily as you hoped.

Time Strapped Dad

Time Strapped Dad? Don’t Worry, These Options Will Save You

These days, it seems like none of us ever has enough time. As if we’re always on the go. We always have things to do. Places to be. People to please. Jobs to do. And it’s exhausting. When really, there’s just one job that you want to be able to focus on – parenting. Yet, that can often be easier said than done. Quite often, it can be just one of those things that you find yourself stressing out about. Because you feel guilty that you’ve got all of these commitments and you just want to show up for your kids. But, you’ve got to work. And you’ve got bills to pay. And it’s hard to manage it all.

Perfecting Parenting

Perfecting Parenting

Here we take a look at two basic but important skills we can put in place to help give our children an added sense of security within the parent/child relationship and work on perfecting parenting.

The Typical Family Life

The Typical Family Life

We’ve picked this title specifically to get you thinking about what a normal family life might be. Because you will no doubt have been brought up to believe, by schools and movies, that family life is this perfect image of two parents living together. They’ll have the house in a street where children can spend their days playing, a family dog that can be walked on the evening, but this is just not the case. There are so many families out there that have a totally different dynamic, yet might be judged by others for not having this perfect family lifestyle that everyone seems to rave about! So this is why we created this article. We want to give you a really good insight into what we think family life is like, what others think it is, and how we can ensure that no matter what, we’re giving the best life possible to our children.

Advise When Looking for an Attorney

The Only Advice You’ll Ever Need When You Are Looking For A Good Attorney!

Vulnerable, confused, and apprehensive. These are feelings that are all too common for those that are going through legal proceedings that need the assistance of an attorney. In fact, that is why it’s so important to find the right legal representation in this situation, as they can guide you through. Luckily, you can get some crucial advice on this subject below. Keep reading on advice when looking for a good attorney.

Ideal Dad -

Why Becoming the Ideal Dad Never Really Works out How You Want It To

We all want the best for our children, but rarely does it ever work out how we want it to. Perhaps we struggle with simple things such as keeping our kids happy, or maybe we’ll have trouble filling in the gaps that a single father is tasked with. No matter how hard you work at becoming the ideal dad and how much you provide for your kids, things can always turn upside down and hit you like a ton of bricks.

Maintaining a Good Family Life Post-Marriage

Maintaining A Good Family Life Post-Marriage

As you probably already know, maintaining a good family life post-marriage can be difficult. You have to balance a good relationship with your kids and a civil relationship with your previous partner. That doesn’t mean you and your Ex need to be ecstatically happy to see one another; it just means you need to be respectful of one another. As parents, your responsibility is to provide a strong foundation for your kids as they grow and develop. Let’s talk about maintaining a good family life post-marriage.