Category: Father Custody Book Reviews

Custody Road Review

Director John Lacy lays out a hauntingly desperate, spontaneously violent, and very painful movie. A struggling stand up comic goes to extreme measures of kidnapping his party-girl ex-wife from winning sole custody of their young son. What happens at a remote cabin in the high desert of California will cause you to reflect on the true pains of the child custody process.

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Imagina Books – Educational Augmented Reality Books

Imagina Books is a series of Educational Augmented Reality books that blends between the classical book reading experience and the recent technology, Augmented Reality, that boosts visualization and Imagination leading to better understanding, more enjoyable and a better hands-on experience for our kids. The book and the mobile application are the two pillars of this experience.

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Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date, Book Review

Dennis Raney’s “Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date: 30 Minutes Man-to-Man” is a fantastic idea of actually having a 30 minute conversation/interview with a boy that is starting to show interest in your daughter before they even go out on their first date.

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Boundaries in Marriage, Book Review

I am a big proponent of trying to keep friends out of divorce court. I am a believer in staying married, especially if you still have kids at home. One of my friends is struggling in his marriage. In our sessions, we are reading together, Dr. Henry Cloud…

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Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair? Book Review

Dads, grandpas, uncles, and step-dads, I have stumbled upon a fantastic book called, “Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair?” by Craig A. Lawrey. This 42 page, full color, extremely funny book, walks fathers through their daughter’s basic hair accessories, …

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Where Am I Sleeping Tonight? Book Review

Three years ago their parents got a divorce. These brothers now spend shared time in two very different homes. They still struggle with their feelings about the breakup as Mom has remarried. The rules and routines are different at each residence.

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