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Ask for More Time with Your Kids

Ask for More Time with Your Kids

Over the last 20 years, I have helped a ton of parents with their custody cases. One of the first pieces of advice I always recommend to clients is… “Ask for more time with your kids.” This statement is so useful in many ways that I want to approach it from several different angles.

Things to Do to Win Custody

First 10 Things to Do to Win Custody

Lately, I have been getting lots of emails from parents, thanking me for the podcast and asking me what is the “First Things I Should Do to Win Custody?” Here is a summary of the first 10 things to do to win custody of your kids. 1. Can You Delay until the Kids are Grown? This may sound like a crazy suggestion, but time flies and no matter how you divide up visitation at best you are only going to spend a fraction of your time with your kids compared to before.

Custody After a Divorce

How To Improve Your Case for Custody After a Divorce

Divorce can be amicable, but more often than not, it can turn ugly. Though you should never put your children in the boxing ring with you, in some cases it is necessary to fight for primary or sole custody. If your spouse has an addiction, is notoriously poor with money and in huge debt, is abusive, or otherwise mentally unwell, then your children deserve a more stable, happy home.

Your Kids with Never Settle Into their Lives with You Unless

Your Kids Will Never Settle Into Their Lives With You Unless…

Winning custody can feel like a considerable achievement. While it can’t make up for the trauma of divorce proceedings, it can seem like the first positive step in your new life. Sadly, custody itself isn’t always the end of the battle. Often, there are hurdles to face before you become a happy family again. As hard as your separation was on you, you can bet it was tougher on them. For that reason and more, they might not settle into their new life with you as easily as you hoped.

Jobs to Work Around Your Kids

Jobs to Work Around Your Kids

There are actually lots of opportunities to earn a living at the same time as raising your kids, but so many you read about are often targeted towards women and moms. However, the options are there for men out there too.

Child Custody, How to Decide What is Best for Your Loved One

Child Custody: How To Decide What Is Best For Your Loved One

If your marriage breaks down at some point in the future, it is vital that you always act in the best interests of your children. Many parents become selfish and fight for custody even if their kids are better off with the other parent. That is the last thing you want to do because it could have adverse effects on the little ones and leave them feeling confused when they mature. With that in mind, there is some advice below that should help all parents going through child custody how to decide what is best for their loved ones.

Key Factors You Need to Know about Custody

Key Facts You Need to Know About Custody

Working out custody between parents is never easy. If you can’t come to an agreement between you, which many can’t, you often need to turn to a judge to make the decision for you. However, this means giving up a level of control and putting the future of your relationship with your children at least partly in someone else’s hands.

Custody Battles are Unique in Texas

3 Ways Custody Battles are Unique in Texas

Child custody and divorce varies from state to state. What makes divorce unique in Texas? What are some child custody issues that are handled differently in Texas? Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad explains three unique characteristics of custody battles in Texas.

Winning Comes Down to One Simple Question

Winning Custody Comes Down to One Simple Question…

I’ve been involved in child custody cases for 19 years. I have been on the road teaching classes in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston and have been talking, helping and coaching clients through this blog. I’m aligned and in constant communications with custody attorneys from coast to coast. If I had to boil the success of parents in their pursuit of primary custody, winning custody comes down to one simple question…

75 Quick Video Tips for Winning Custody

75 Quick Video Tips for Winning Custody

I don’t know if you know this or not, but in addition to this blog I am trying to put together a list of quick video tips that will aid you in winning custody. Fred aka FullCustodyDad PS. Starting next week, I’ll get back on the band wagon and make video tips a major part of this blog.

Cooperate Successful Custody Evaluations

Why Child Custody Evaluations are So Stressful Part 3 of 4

Cooperation: the Key to a Successful Custody Evaluation. Cooperate. If you are looking for one word that will prepare you for your child custody evaluation, and give you the best chance of gaining custody of Johnny, that’s it. Cooperate. Do you want to be there? No. Do you have to be there? No. Only if you want custody of your child. And that means cooperate under every circumstance.

Dealing with Parental Alienation

Using Technology to Deal with Parental Alienation

Therapists, lawyers, psychologists, and psychiatrists—they all will give you a different definition about what parental alienation is about. But to put in it’s most crude form: **it has to do with everything that a custodial parent does like using estrangement to create a division between the victimized parent and child, being hostile, nudging and conspiring, etc.

Why Child Custody Evaluations are so Stressful

Why Child Custody Evaluations are so Stressful Part 2 of 4

A child custody evaluation usually begins with a court-appointed psychologist to conduct a family assessment. Depending on the situation, this evaluation could involve a step-parent, fiancé, or live-in partner. The questioning should include questioning the parents together or separate, and perhaps the more mature children. If interrogated separately, parents should be asked the similar questions covering the same topics/concerns and should address the well-being of the children.

Child Custody Evaluations

Why Child Custody Evaluations are so Stressful Part 1 of 4

A court-appointed child custody evaluator should act as an independent expert and not as a parental advocate. The evaluator should conduct a comprehensive interview that provides the court with an accurate, balanced picture of the family situation. This is tremendously stressful for all family members. Most parents are understandably concerned about undergoing a child custody evaluation.

Strategies that Will Gain Child Custody

Strategies that Will Gain Child Custody (2/2)

Five Strategies that Will NOT Gain Child Custody. Do Not…arrive late for visits or pick-ups of your children. Being an adult (parent) means you honor commitments. That includes not just ‘doing’ but ‘doing on time.’ That multiplies when dealing with your children. If you claim they are a priority, then you will show that you want to spend time with them.