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The Importance Of Minding Your Head During A Divorce https://DaddyGotCustody.com

The Importance Of Minding Your Head During A Divorce

ivorce is a hard time for everyone. Even if you’re the one who pushed for the proceedings and especially if they have caught you off guard. No-one can say you’re not entitled to your feelings, but there comes a point [...]

Forgive and Forget https://DaddyGotCustody.com

Can You Forgive And Forget After Everything?

Divorces are painful for everyone. Did you know that in the popular mindset, when a couple with kids goes through a divorce, the majority of people assume that it is the dad’s fault? Why would they even think, without knowing anything of the situation, that it has to be your fault? Call it bias, discrimination, or social misinformation, but ultimately, if you’re in the process of separating from your partner, it’s something you will have to face. As if the whole process were not hurtful enough, you are also under fire for the situation.

Making Your House Full of Fun https://DaddyGotCustody.com

Making Your House Full Of Fun

fun house is what it’s all about. When you dream of having your own family and your own life as a younger adult, you dream of how fun you want your house to be, and how much you would like [...]

Is Amicable Separation Possible? https://DaddyGotCustody.com

Is Amicable Separation Possible?

Sometimes, it’s no-one’s fault. Your marriage simply isn’t working and you both know it. You want to do what’s right for your kids and family but you also need to do what is right for you. Even when you both know that marriage isn’t working, it can take a lot of strength to admit it to each other.

Beginning's Guide to Seeing a Therapist https://DaddyGotCustody.com

Beginner’s Guide To Seeing A Therapist

Nowadays, more and more people are opting to see a therapist. This is because it is not seen as a taboo, as it once was. A therapist can help you with so many different situations, from helping you to get on the right path nutritionally to help you get your relationship back on track. In this guide, we are going to take a look at the different types of therapy that are available. These therapies merely scratch the surface.

Selecting a Lawyer by Fred Campos, https://DaddyGotCustody.com

Points To Consider When Selecting a Lawyer

With millions of attorneys to choose from, when it comes to selecting a lawyer for you, then it can be something that is really time-consuming. Of course, that is something that is so important, so taking the time to find the right lawyer that is the right one for you, is really important.

Daddy Daughter Time Together - Tea Time https://DaddyGotCustody.com

Daddy Daughter Time Together: How to Have a Real Tea Party

Was your Ex handling all the “girly” stuff in your daughter’s life up to now? Having a daughter is something special: They don’t call her “Daddy’s girl” for nothing. Your little princess might be 3, 6, 12 or anywhere in between, but don’t be surprised if she invites you to a tea party, or asks you to plan one with her. You can make a tea party as simple or as fancy as you both like. She might be the one guiding you through the best parts of sitting down to a teddy bear picnic together, but if not, or if you just want to get a gist of what it means to host your first tea party with your daughter (or son), here are a few pointers.

Lads and Dads Day Out https://DaddyGotCustody.com

Lads And Dads Day Outs You’ll All Enjoy

Spending time with their dad has to be something that all young sons love. Spending quality time together will be a great way to bond and to enjoy each other’s company, which is something that not too many sons and fathers have the time to do these days. You’ll be able to find out how things are going for them at school while also imparting your knowledge and wisdom onto them. They’ll simply love being around you!

Impact of Divorce on Your Kids http://DaddyGotCustody.com

Great Ways to Reduce the Impact of Divorce On Your Kids

When grown ups decide to separate and emotions soar high, it is hard to think about the kids. However, they are there every minute, witnessing the arguments and dealing with the changes. If you are a dad who is fighting for custody, or would like to take an active part in the upbringing of your kids, you will need to give them all the support they need to survive these difficult times. Below you will find a few tips on how to help your kids through divorce.

12 Ways to Live a Happy Family Life - https://DaddyGotCustody.com

12 Ways To Live A Happy Family Life

Although it may seem easy at first, having a happy family life can be an incredibly hard thing to achieve. Rather than keeping one person happy, you need to focus on everyone around you to ensure they’re as happy as things be. Whether it’s ensuring your kids are doing well at school or progressing at work, focusing on a million things at once definitely isn’t easy. To help, I’ve put together a list of 12 ways to love a happy lifestyle.