Author: FullCustodyDad

Build a Support Network

A support system can be a vital part of your life. It involves you being accountable, the ability to be open and honest with people around you. A healthy support network has a few traits that you can spot and assess if you need to build a better network, improve your current one, or see if your support network is as supportive as you thought.

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What Are We Teaching Our Kids About Relationships?

As parents, we have a whole host of responsibilities to our children. It’s up to us to keep them safe, happy and healthy. We’re responsible for creating memories that they’ll treasure forever and informing the kinds of adults that they grow up to be. This latter aspect of parenting is one that can test even the most dedicated of us. After all, as parents we need to be educators. Everything we say and do is a lesson to our kids, whether we want it to be or not.

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