Author: FullCustodyDad

4 Mistakes You Should Avoid When There Is an Issue of Child Custody

As a rule, divorce in the presence of children, especially minors, means another additional circle of hell to existing personal grievances and disagreements about the property. And if earlier, in most cases, the mother received the right to full care and accommodation with her children, now the situation has changed. Each of you will have to prove your right to be with your children, so in this article, we decided to list four main mistakes that you need to avoid when solving questions about child custody.

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The Affordable Bedroom Make-Over That Every Child Will Love

Are you still decorating your children’s room to make it a fun space for their friends to hang out and for them to continue their educational development? The two biggest obstacles to decorating a child’s bedroom are time, and expense. Nowadays, there are some new products to decorate the walls of children’s rooms that will allow you to decorate for less than $100. Being a divorced dad, and having to rebuild a life away from the family unit is no easy task.

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