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We list attorneys on our website by city area. Recommending attorneys is the most common inquiries we get with 40-60 searches a day. We want to provide our readers with lawyers who sincerely want to see dads have fair representation as they seek time with or custody of their children. We have four listings available per city area. The cost to be listed is $47 a month, charged monthly against a debit or credit card. You can prepay for 12 months at $480 ($40/mo).

The steps to being listed are as follows:
1. Determine your listing payment option from above.
2. Read below to determine if you would like to purchase optional advertising elsewhere on our site.
3. Download and fill out the questionnaire.
4. Payment can be made by writing using your Paypal, debit or credit card info on the questionnaire or by click the buttons listed below.

Listing Options

5. Once your payment and questionnaire have been received, you will be listed.
6. A full page listing and links back to your website will be live within 3-5 business days.
7. Note: We can remove your listing from our site at any time for any reason. Should you be removed before your campaign is completed, we will refund your remaining balance.

Example of a 468x60 Banner Ad on https://www.daddygotcustody.comExample of 300x250 Sidebar Ad on

This 468×60 banner ad appears on the top right of most pages and can be embedded as a one-time blog sponsor ad as well. The 300×250 sidebar ad can appear on any page but is NOT available as a one-time blog sponsor. The cost for either of these ads:

  • $50/more a month on the Front Page,
  • $40/more a month on the Blog Page,
  • $30/more a month on any one of the seven Category Pages and this Advertise Here Page,
  • $20/more a month on the Recommended Attorneys, Child Custody Legal System,
  • $10/more a month on the State Pages,
  • $10/more a month on the Region Pages,
  • $10/more a month on the City Pages, all of which require a three month minimum.
  • Finally a $250 one-time fee option to sponsor any blog post with an ad in the post page. NOTE: Blog post pages will be embedded in the post or new posts which goes out to all blog subscribers. This is a forever listing/link and there will only be one ad per blog post.

Example of a 125x125 Sidebar Ad on

This 125×125 sidebar ad can appear on any page. The cost for these ads are:

Prices subject to change without notice and usually increase yearly.