Custody Tips

Tips for Your Child Custody Cases

From Court to Meetings, Dressing for an Important Occasion

Men’s clothing is becoming a lot sleeker and a lot more stylish. Over the past few months or so, the art of layering has really taken off. If you know how to layer your clothes without looking like you are taking a trip to the North Pole, then you are already on to a winner.

Your Attorney

How to Work with Your Attorney

Points To Consider When Selecting a Lawyer

With millions of attorneys to choose from, when it comes to selecting a lawyer for you, then it can be something that is really time-consuming. Of course, that is something that is so important, so taking the time to find the right lawyer that is the right one for you, is really important.

Parenting Tips

Parenting & Co-Parenting Tips

5 Tips To Improve Your Child’s Mental Health

Protecting your child’s mental health isn’t always easy, and there are more stressors out there for children than you might think. To improve your child’s mental health, there are many areas you can focus on.

Podcast Show Notes

The Daddy Got Custody Podcast

Remarriage Tips

Marriage & Remarriage Tips

How Dads Can Save Money Before Their Divorce

If you think your marriage could be heading to a close, then you should start preparing for the worst. This is usually something you can just sense. You’re not just not talking to each other, you’re physically not acknowledging each other in the household and when the talk turns to money, both of you seem to feel like the other is hiding something from them.

Your Court

Custody Court & Legal System

Child Custody Law: What Parents Need to Know

Ending a relationship is never an easy decision, and when there are children involved, it can be even more traumatic. It is important to familiarize yourselves with the rules surrounding child custody law, if you find yourself in a position where an amicable agreement cannot be made about the custody of your children.

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Why Kids Need You to Celebrate Good Friday and Easter

But now more than ever, kids need you to celebrate Good Friday, Passover, and Easter. Its more than just the tradition, its a time to explain the true meaning of Passover. Passover relates today to our worldwide fight to overcome Covid-19. The Meaning of Passover goes back to when Moses instructed God's people to leave Egypt after overcome the plagues of that day. The Israelites prepared a special meal, slaughtered a lamb, and put the blood over the doorway to have a death plague PASSOVER their home.

TED Talks by Chris Anderson, Book Summary

This book is a great guide for anyone considering public speaking. It is chalk full of tips and considerations regarding how to present, more importantly how to prepare, dressing, use slides for your talks. It is an excellent book and a needed topic for all businessmen.

7 Tips To Turning Your Life Around

Breakups are hard. Losing someone is devastating. But, both of these things are instanced that can happen in one moment in time. However hard they can be to overcome and move on from, time still ticks on by. And you may find that you get to a point where you want to be happy again.

Young Men! Here’s How To Avoid Unhealthy Ideas About Courtship

As a young man, visiting the internet these days is a tumultuous time, for many reasons we needn’t go into here. We are not here to debate politics, or philosophy, or even contest with experiences you might have had. Instead, without being naive or disrespectful, we wish to try and help young men who may have adopted some bad ideas as their own, ideas that may ultimately force them out of the dating circuit through attitude alone.

Fathering Advice

Tips on Being the Best Dad

Getting Your Kids Outside With Old-Fashioned Fun

Making your home child-friendly and a place your kid will love is really only half the battle. After all, no child wants to stay cooped up inside all day. So, coming up with fun outdoor activities is always a plus. Getting your kids outside is a must.

Your Ex

Dealing with the Other Parent

Covid-19 is not the Time to Fight with Your Ex

For most of us alive, we have never seen a worldwide pandemic like we are all witnessing with Covid-19. It is overwhelming in comparison to even to the feelings felt on September 11th. I remember traveling shortly after that crisis. People were nicer, traffic merged easier, and passengers from different rows in airplanes introduced themselves with respect and courtesy.

Custody Book Reviews

Recommended Custody Reading

Custody Road Review

Director John Lacy lays out a hauntingly desperate, spontaneously violent, and very painful movie. A struggling stand up comic goes to extreme measures of kidnapping his party-girl ex-wife from winning sole custody of their young son. What happens at a remote cabin in the high desert of California will cause you to reflect on the true pains of the child custody process.