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Report Child Abuse by

Parent Child Abuse Court Reporting

Bring the situation to the attention of your attorney and have her take it to the judge or CPS. But as with all accusations, you need concrete documentation. False accusations are an absolutely killer to your custody case and are fairly common in child custody proceedings.

Beginning Divorce Awkward by

Beginning Divorce: Awkward and Hard

He unexpectedly showed up at a recent dinner party the couple had been planning long before the split. As expected, the evening was awkward (yes, I was there). For most of the night, the wife stayed in one room of their spacious house, he in another. The guests made it easier for them as we broke half one way and half the other.

Are You the Problem When Johnny Doesn't Want to Visit by Fred Campos

Are You the Problem When Johnny Doesn’t Want to Visit?

The time has come for the *“weekend visit.”* Ever since the divorce, your child has visited the non-custodial parent, mostly without incident. However, this time is different. The child balks, drags his feet, and complains. While that might not be unusual, this time, his reaction is more determined.

Harry Potter Dad Take the High Road

Extreme Custodial Parenting, Would You Do This?

In a previous post, “A Father’s Quest to Find His Kidnapped Daughter,” I shared a tiny about the struggle some custodial parents both male and female deal with regarding exchanges. Being the custodial parent, requires you to put your personal feelings aside and take the high road in situations you would not normally agree too.

Dara Marie Llorens FBI Wanted

A Father’s Quest to Find His Kidnapped Daughter

One Halloween about six years ago, my Ex moved to Austin and stopped visiting our daughter for a month. I decided to take the high road and bring Caitlyn down for a visit. We flew down to Austin, rented a [...]

Divorce Agreement - Visitation Schedule by Fred Campos

Shocking Outcome to Current Custody Case

Two weeks ago, 40 year old Jessica Smith of Goldendale, Washington appears to have murdered her 2 year old toddler and severely injury her 13 year old instead of returning the kids to their dad per a court order. The [...]

Establish a Pre-Divorce Visitation Schedule by @FullCustodyDad

You Need to Establish a Pre-Divorce Visitation Schedule

You are in limbo. You and your partner have decided to split, but you know the process is daunting, time-consuming, possibly expensive and emotionally and maybe even physically exhausting. But it’s just starting and nothing is settled. Oh yes, and [...]

7 Tips When Dealing with a False CPS Accusation by @FullCustodyDad

7 Tips When Dealing with a False CPS Accusation

Whether an evening knock on your front door or an interrupting call, in a heated child custody case, you may deal with a false CPS accusation. Child Protective Services is a great and necessary organization that investigates reports of abuse [...]

Alienated Parents Stand Up for Gus

The Story of Gus’ Parental Alienation

You probably know Jason Patric for his movie roles in such films as The Lost Boys, Sleepers, or The Alamo. But he’s currently dealing with a situation that he, like a growing number of American parents, never thought he’d face. [...]

Results of Parental Alienation by Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad

Often Subtle, Parental Alienation Can Have Devastating Results

What children of divorce need more than anything else is a healthy and strong relationship with both parents.  Often times, children will feel responsible for a divorce.  They often fear they behaved badly, or fought too much, or asked for [...]

In Letters to the Ex, Be Formal, Polite, & Brief by Fred Campos

In Written Letters to the Ex: Be Formal, Polite, and Brief

Co-parenting is hard. Take the high road and keep the other parent informed and write her a short, brief, letter about your precious children. After you written it, sleep on it and re-read it in the morning. Make sure it’s all about the children, after all that’s what matters.

5 Common Communication Mistakes Made with the Ex by Fred Campos

Five Common “Communicating” Mistakes with the Ex

After the relationship or divorce is over one of the hardest things you are going to have to do is continue brief and amicable communication with your Ex. Depending on where you are in your custody situation and the temperatures of your relationship, …

Who Gets To Claim Johnny on Taxes by Fred Campos

Who Gets to Claim Johnny on Taxes?

As we approach the last 30 days before taxes are due, I thought it would be appropriate to talk a little bit about who is suppose to claim your children after a divorce. The short answers are: 1) the parent whom is deemed on your final court orders, and 2) the parent who is the primary custodian or has the children the most and is responsible for their primary care.