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The Importance Of Minding Your Head During A Divorce

The Importance Of Minding Your Head During A Divorce

ivorce is a hard time for everyone. Even if you’re the one who pushed for the proceedings and especially if they have caught you off guard. No-one can say you’re not entitled to your feelings, but there comes a point [...]

Forgive and Forget

Can You Forgive And Forget After Everything?

Divorces are painful for everyone. Did you know that in the popular mindset, when a couple with kids goes through a divorce, the majority of people assume that it is the dad’s fault? Why would they even think, without knowing anything of the situation, that it has to be your fault? Call it bias, discrimination, or social misinformation, but ultimately, if you’re in the process of separating from your partner, it’s something you will have to face. As if the whole process were not hurtful enough, you are also under fire for the situation.

Is Amicable Separation Possible?

Is Amicable Separation Possible?

Sometimes, it’s no-one’s fault. Your marriage simply isn’t working and you both know it. You want to do what’s right for your kids and family but you also need to do what is right for you. Even when you both know that marriage isn’t working, it can take a lot of strength to admit it to each other.

Maintaining a Good Family Life Post-Marriage

Maintaining A Good Family Life Post-Marriage

As you probably already know, maintaining a good family life post-marriage can be difficult. You have to balance a good relationship with your kids and a civil relationship with your previous partner. That doesn’t mean you and your Ex need to be ecstatically happy to see one another; it just means you need to be respectful of one another. As parents, your responsibility is to provide a strong foundation for your kids as they grow and develop. Let’s talk about maintaining a good family life post-marriage.

Mother of Your Child by @FullCustodyDad on

What Not To Do When You Split Up With The Mother Of Your Child

Getting co-parenting right with a person you are no longer in a relationship with can be really tough. Depending on the terms of the split, you might find communication tough, and crossed wires can lead to all kinds of arguments and disagreements. Even if you split in amicable terms, certain things can come up that can make this new relationship difficult to navigate – such as starting a relationship with a new person.

What NOT to Do During a Divorce by

What NOT to Do During a Divorce

There is no denying that a divorce can be an incredibly stressful and upsetting period in anyone’s life. When your emotions are high, it can be easy to do things that you otherwise wouldn’t usually do – you know, like cut up your partner’s clothes or drive their prized car into a wall! Although mildly satisfying – not a good idea! With that being said, read on to discover a number of different things you should never do during a divorce.

This Custody Battle is Fierce by Fred Campos

This Custody Battle Is Fierce, Are Your Kids Getting Hurt In The Process?

Custody battles aren’t easy. Something so fraught with emotions and crucial decisions could never be a walk in the park. As well as fighting to keep your kids, you’ll go against the person you loved. It’s no surprise, then, that many custody battles get fierce fast.

Communicate Amicably by

How To Communicate Amicably With Your Ex

Divorce can be a tricky time for everyone involved, especially if you have children. If you have children together you can’t make a totally clean break, as you both have parenting responsibilities. Ideally, all differences would be put aside for the sake of your children and this may be a possibility if your divorce was a mutual decision.

True Cost of Divorce by

The True Cost of Divorce

Making a decision to end a marriage is not an easy one, especially if there are children involved. When you stand at the altar and profess your vows to each other, you don’t think there will ever be a day where you are sat on opposite sides of a polished wooden table, with lawyers by your side and your entire lives spread out in front of you. Divorce is messy.

Want to Relocate with Kids? by Fred Campos

Want to Relocate with Children? Here’s What Courts Consider

Relocation is a common issue in divorce cases. Often, the courts will put restrictions on the custodial parent’s responsibilities. He or she should keep the child within certain geographic boundaries. In Texas, we call this domicile restriction to discourage a parent who wishes to relocate with children.

High-Profile Troubles Continue For Deion and Pilar

High-Profile Troubles Continue For Deion and Pilar

Even after a divorce is finalized, a warring couple can continue to battle. We visited Deion and Pilar Sanders when they were finalizing their break-up, but their conflicts continue. Even though they finalized their divorce in 2013, the legal woes continue between former Dallas Cowboy…

Divorce Life Challenges for Parents and Children

Divorce Life Challenges for Parents and Children

Back in February, DGC told of a couple who had separated (Beginning Divorce: Awkward and Hard). They have two children. The Dad, sole breadwinner with a good job, moved into an apartment. They continued marriage counseling. Eventually, they got back together, but the reunion was short-lived.


She’s Your Ex, Not Your Best Friend

The number one thing to remember when you are communicating with your Ex is to keep it short and sweet. And if you can’t do both, keep it even shorter. You may be one of those rare people who is on good term with your Ex, but, if getting a divorce teaches you anything it’s that feelings can change. The fact that you are getting along now…

10 Tips on How to Rebuild Trust with Your Ex

Lawyers are Gone Time to Rebuild Trust Part 2

With emotions running high before, during and after a break-up, ill feelings are often harbored, maybe for years. All of that makes it easy to overreact (and justify same). However, always remember that communication with this person is necessary for the duration of Sally’s formative years, maybe longer.

Lawyers are Gone Time to Rebuild Trust by

Lawyers are Gone Time to Rebuild Trust Part 1

The divorce is final; you’re glade to have it behind you, but you don’t feel good about it. Sure you and your Ex had a relationship that ended badly, but you had some good times, too. And besides, you had a child together, so you’ll have to continue some type of relationship.