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Misguided Divorce Myths Parents Have about Kids

Misguided Divorce Myths Parents Have About Kids

When dealing with divorce, parents tend to get silo minded in their thinking of “What’s in Johnny’s best interest?” Here are a few misguided myths, parents and children have on divorce. Myth 1: My Child will be Better Off If an *Ex* is Out of the Picture. Children seldom view a parent in the same way as an adult. Even if a parent is *‘out of the picture,’* they are always in the children’s mind.

Factors to Determine Primary Child Custody

Factors to Determine Primary Child Custody

So you are preparing for your child custody court case. You can increase your odds of winning, and make yourself more comfortable if you have some idea what questions will be asked. We have already discussed What Does a Judge Look for in a Child Custody Case? Now lets list factors to determine primary child custody:

How to Mean Business in Front of Your Judge

How to Mean Business in Front of Your Judge

So let’s get this straight. A person you barely know (judge), is going to make life-changing decisions for you, and your child. How much visitation you get, whether or not you get custody, and how much child support you will pay will be determined by this person. Great. No pressure here. Of course, you must prepare for the initial meeting, and you can’t be careless or neglectful.

7 Custody Facts You Need to Ignore

7 Custody Facts You Need to Ignore

What is it that you wonder about, that you question whether they come into play or not? What is it that might seem important, but are never actually in play or at least not suppose to be in play, or don’t come into play unless they negatively affect the child? What are some custody facts you need to ignore?

Can a Teen Change Custody?

Can a Teen Change Custody of Who She Wants to Live With? Probably Not

This confusion started about 20 years ago when some states started *considering* a written affidavit from children age 12 or older on who they would like to live with. Problems with this approach showed up almost immediately when it started.

Using Protective Orders to Prevent Domestic Violence by

Using Protective Orders to Prevent Domestic Violence

Troubled Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, recently arrested on drug possession charges in his hometown of Wichita Kansas, has had protective order filed against him by his former girlfriend, Dalia Jacobs, with whom he has had a child.

Your Child Custody Evaluation

Be Prepared for Your Child Custody Evaluation

In 90% of divorces involving children, the parents manage to reach an agreement regarding child custody. However, if you and your Ex aren’t able to accomplish that, the court will step in and determine the appropriateness of each parent’s role in their child’s upbringing.

Advice on Custody Depositions by Fred Campos

Advice on Custody Depositions

During a child custody case, the other side might ask you to give a deposition. A deposition is a recorded statement taken under oath, for use in court in place of the witness’s spoken testimony. An attorney isn’t required for this procedure, and if you are conducting your case on your own, you should consider the following tips.

Moving? Best Interest of a Child? Probably Not

Moving? Best Interest of the Child? Probably Not

Under the standard, “best interest of the child,” conditions been determined, maybe after several attempts to figure out what that exactly means. Now, with an upheaval, the situation has changed, maybe dramatically and you have to go back to the court and make your case that a move is still in the child’s best interest.

Equal Custody May Not Be a Good Idea by Fred Campos

Equal Custody? Maybe Not a Good Idea

You and your Ex have come to an amicable agreement regarding child custody. After weeks or maybe months of haggling, debating, the usual give and take, arm-wrestling, thumb wars, any kind of negotiating, you finally figure it out. You have found a way to share custody of your child.

What is a Collaborative Divorce by @FullCustodyDad

Collaborative Agreement A New Possibility for Amicable Divorces

If you aren’t interested in arm-wrestling, staring contests, or thumb wars to determine the outcome of your divorce, a new way of resolving disputes has developed, and it emphasizes “trouble-shooting” and “problem-solving” rather than trying to win. It’s called collaborative [...]

What is a Child Custody Home Study? by @FullCustodyDad

What is a Child Custody Social Study?

A child custody social study, home study, or custody evaluation, is sometimes a court ordered document from which a judge may seek additional information on who should be the primary custodial parent. May times, especially in my home state of Texas, judges will ask social workers or custody evaluators to perform a social study to learn home details that they cannot otherwise determined through courtroom proceedings.

Court Alternatives: Mediation vs Arbitration by Fred Campos

Court Alternatives: Mediation vs Arbitration

What if you have a somewhat congenial relationship with your child’s other parent, but you both agree you don’t want to remain together? Your splitting is “nobody’s fault.” But you have children and both of you are painfully aware that [...]

Going to Court? Know Where to Park by Fred Campos

Going to Court, Where Should You Park?

Our last blog, “Court Days are Big Days Too” addressed the importance of spending some time in the court room before your actual court date. Getting familiar with surroundings, understanding where to go, the location of the lunch room and [...]

Court Days are Big Days Too by Fred Campos @FullCustodyDad

Court Dates Are Big Days Too

When you think about the biggest days you will ever experience, those momentous occasions that change the direction of your professional and personal life, the ones that stay in your memory, you come up with a grand list: your graduation [...]