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Fred Campos, Full Custody Dad, talks and discusses how the court legal system works and operators. While procedures vary from state to state, the concept of dealing with judges, case workers, attorneys and counselors is discussed. Fred provides educational tips of dos and don’t to do in court. He further discusses how to best deal with judges and your attorneys.

How To Face the Trauma of a Child Custody Evaluation

How To Face the Trauma of a Child Custody Evaluation

Sometimes, allegations of spousal abuse, neglect, or substance abuse may require a court to make the final determinations. If serious allegations or problems arise, the entire family may be referred to child custody evaluation. Usually, the entire family will then be referred for child custody evaluation. Typically, the results are presented to the court to determine the most suitable custody and parenting arrangement.

Divorce Affects College for Children

Divorce Affects College for Children

6% of non-custodial parents assist with their children’s college. That last fact is shocking. No wonder fewer from divorced families go to college; too many are limited by the income/funds because only one parent (usually the mother) is paying the bills. And of course, the biggest reason cited for children of divorce to not attend college is, a lack of funds.

Written Vacation Requests

Time & Date Stamp Your Written Vacation Requests

To prevent conflict as a result of miscommunication, you might have your letter time-stamped and dated. You can bring three copies of your notice to the courthouse, where you may get each copy officially stamped with the date and time. Then, leave one copy to be kept on file with the court, mail one copy to the custodial parent, and keep one copy for yourself.

Practice to Win Your Child Social Study Evaluation

Practice to Win Your Child Social Study Evaluation

To win your child social study evaluation, your kids will need to feel comfortable talking with the case worker. Yes, they are going to have to talk and answer questions with this stranger. Caitlyn was four years old when a caseworker arrived at my house to conduct the court appointed social study.

Fair is Never Part of the Custody Equation by Fred Campos

Fair is Never Part of the Custody Equation

I received an email letter from a Mom who is greatly concerned because the courts are recommending shared custody of their 10 year old son. She, rightfully so, feels this recommendation is unfair because the father has been out of the son's life for most of his childhood, and yet the social worker feels it is the the child's best interest.

Treat Your Temporary Hearing Like a Final

Treat Your Temporary Hearing Like a Final

When I was in high school, occasionally teachers would give the class a “pop quiz” or ”pre-test” on Mondays. These tests would be over material we had never seen or studied. The majority of us would fail the test, which was totally acceptable. The goal of the instructors were to see what we knew, before diving into a week long of lessons.

Is Splitting Kids a Reasonable Custody Strategy?

Is Splitting Children a Reasonable Custody Strategy?

So you’ve got two kids, and you and your Ex are haggling over custody? Both might expect a long, expensive, protracted legal battle, something no one really wants or can afford. But neither of you wants to give up custody. But who says the kids should stay together? Is splitting children a reasonable custody strategy?

Child Support State Laws

A Look at the Inconsistency of Child Support State Laws

While painful, child support can be fairly clean, especially when one parent is the primary caretaker. However it gets more complicated with shared custody, where a wide divergence in the parents’ income can create controversy and hurt feelings. While several models exist, and the process will vary greatly from state to state,

Misguided Divorce Myths Parents Have about Kids

Misguided Divorce Myths Parents Have About Kids

When dealing with divorce, parents tend to get silo minded in their thinking of "What's in Johnny's best interest?" Here are a few misguided myths, parents and children have on divorce. Myth 1: My Child will be Better Off If an *Ex* is Out of the Picture. Children seldom view a parent in the same way as an adult. Even if a parent is *‘out of the picture,’* they are always in the children’s mind.

Factors to Determine Primary Child Custody

Factors to Determine Primary Child Custody

So you are preparing for your child custody court case. You can increase your odds of winning, and make yourself more comfortable if you have some idea what questions will be asked. We have already discussed What Does a Judge Look for in a Child Custody Case? Now lets list factors to determine primary child custody:

How to Mean Business in Front of Your Judge

How to Mean Business in Front of Your Judge

So let’s get this straight. A person you barely know (judge), is going to make life-changing decisions for you, and your child. How much visitation you get, whether or not you get custody, and how much child support you will pay will be determined by this person. Great. No pressure here. Of course, you must prepare for the initial meeting, and you can’t be careless or neglectful.

7 Custody Facts You Need to Ignore

7 Custody Facts You Need to Ignore

What is it that you wonder about, that you question whether they come into play or not? What is it that might seem important, but are never actually in play or at least not suppose to be in play, or don't come into play unless they negatively affect the child? What are some custody facts you need to ignore?

Can a Teen Change Custody?

Can a Teen Change Custody of Who She Wants to Live With? Probably Not

This confusion started about 20 years ago when some states started *considering* a written affidavit from children age 12 or older on who they would like to live with. Problems with this approach showed up almost immediately when it started.

Using Protective Orders to Prevent Domestic Violence by

Using Protective Orders to Prevent Domestic Violence

Troubled Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, recently arrested on drug possession charges in his hometown of Wichita Kansas, has had protective order filed against him by his former girlfriend, Dalia Jacobs, with whom he has had a child.

Your Child Custody Evaluation

Be Prepared for Your Child Custody Evaluation

In 90% of divorces involving children, the parents manage to reach an agreement regarding child custody. However, if you and your Ex aren’t able to accomplish that, the court will step in and determine the appropriateness of each parent’s role in their child’s upbringing.