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Treat Your Temporary Hearing Like a Final

Treat Your Temporary Hearing Like a Final

When I was in high school, occasionally teachers would give the class a “pop quiz” or ”pre-test” on Mondays. These tests would be over material we had never seen or studied. The majority of us would fail the test, which was totally acceptable. The goal of the instructors were to see what we knew, before diving into a week-long of lessons. The real test would take place on Fridays. Knowing this, most of us didn’t care about pre-test.

Temporary Hearings Should Not Be Treated as Pop Quizzes

In my 17 years of observing divorce cases, I am surprised at how many parents treated their Temporary court hearings like pre-tests. This short, sometimes first real court hearing can determine in a divorce and custody case:

  • temporary custody of the kids,
  • temporary child support,
  • spousal support or alimony,
  • temporary visitation schedules,
  • who gets to keep and perhaps live in the house, and
  • major assets are to be distributed, etc.

Thus this short temporary hearing or pre-test counts big time for a grade! Although labeled “temporary,” these rules could last as long as four years before the final. Which was certainly true in my case.

Please read Carson Steinbauer’s list of Top Ten Tips for Temporary Orders Hearing. It’s time to prepare for your temporary hearing just as you would for your final. Your life depends on it. I have heard many an attorney say, “So goes the temporary, so goes the final.”

Treat Your Temporary Hearing Like a Final

Prepare your evidence, bring your witnesses, talk to your attorney about “Why you want custody?” Take it very serious. It may be a short, mostly a verbal hearing. But treat your temporary hearing like a final. After all, the grade in the balance, is your child’s life.

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What have been your temporary hearing experiences?

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