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Traveling with Your Newborn

Handy Advice for Parents That Plan to Travel With Their Newborn

Taking care of your newborn child is hard work, and it’s even more difficult when you consider that you might occasionally need to travel with them. Whether you’re getting on a train or driving them across town, traveling with a newborn can be a difficult task if you’re not used to it or if you’re unsure how you can best take care of them. So to help you out, we’ve prepared some useful advice for parents that plan to travel with their newborn baby.

Volunteering in Classrooms

Dad’s School Day Out: Volunteering In The Classroom Without Embarrassing Your Kids

arents helping out with school activities is nothing new. Even when we were in school, the teachers called parents for volunteering to help with outings. Plus, many of those who teach after-school clubs are parents of some student or another. [...]

3 Reasons to Save Money by

3 Reasons to Save Money When You Have Kids

Children are expensive. They are also fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but they can cost you a lot of money. This is why it is always worth saving some money. If you can save some before you have kids, then it will be easier. Anyway, here are three reasons to save money when you have kids.

Choosing the Right Baby Formula

Choosing the Right Baby Formula

Choosing the right baby formula for your baby seems like an impossible choice. Before you had a child you most likely assumed that there was just one type of formula to suit all, but sadly things aren’t that simple. To be able to choose which formula is the best for your baby, you need to first know what types are available to you. Knowledge is power Dads.

How to Make Divorce Easier for Children

How To Make Divorce Easier For Your Children

Divorce is always a tricky time for everyone involved. If you have children it is essential for everyone to remain as amicable as possible. Children can become very insecure when their parents are separating, as their whole world is about to be tipped upside down. A few decades ago divorce was unusual, but now divorce rates are at an all-time high.

Providing Children with Balance

Providing Your Children With Balance

Being a part of a family that co-parents is tough. You get part of your week away from your children, and it can often feel like a timeshare. You don’t know what goes on outside of your own hours, and you don’t get to be there every single day. Routines get thrown up in the air on a regular basis and the struggle to keep a balance for the sake of the children is very real.

Traveling with Babies by

Top Tips for Traveling with Babies

A lot of babies love the car and the motion sends them straight off to sleep. However, if you are traveling with babies on a long drive, you might need some tips to help you get through the trip as painlessly as possible. Babies will probably sleep through the trip, they might wake up halfway and get grouchy about being stuck in their seat.

The Parent's Guide to Protecting Kids from a Breakup

The Parent’s Guide To Protecting Kids From A Breakup

Parents often don’t realize how much they upset their children when they argue in front of them. All responsible adults should try to contain themselves and refrain from engaging in verbal disagreements until the kids go to bed. If you don’t think it’s possible to have a rational and calm conversation with your Ex – don’t speak to them at all! (This is hard to sometimes but my life got considerably better once we completely stopped talking.)

Making the Most of Joint Custody by

Making the Most of Joint Custody

When you’ve got joint custody of your children you might only end up seeing them for weekends. It’s not the ideal judgment but it’s what you have at the moment. That was the situation that my parents were in after they got divorced. From the age of five, I lived with my Mom and spent weekends with my Dad (I would eventually live with my Dad, but that’s another story).

Important of Hobbies for Children

The Importance Of Hobbies For Children

Most Mom and Dads want their kids to grow up into well-rounded individuals. That often means ensuring the little ones get a decent education and go off to college in their late teens. However, the process starts much earlier than that in most instances, and parents should set their child off on the right track from the moment they start school.

Encourage Your Kids to Play Sports

5 Exciting Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Play Sports

As a parent, you always want to be able to bring the best out in your children. Not only is it important to you for them to be happy, but you definitely always want to ensure that they reach their potential, and can generally be successful in whatever it is that they want to do. It’s only natural for us to press academics. We know that education is important, so it’s second nature for us to encourage them in school, and support their academics. But what about sports?

How to Stay Close When One Parent is Far Away

Military Families: How to Stay Close When One Parent is Far Away

Having a loved one in the military can place lots of strain on other family members. Indeed, they spend most of their time worrying, and the rest missing their husband or wife. Still, there are lots of things all families can do to ensure they stay close when one parent is far away. It’s important for everyone in the military and their partners to consider some of the advice from this page. They should do that for the benefit of their children who run the risk of growing up without their mother or father.

Surviving the Teen Years with a One-on-One Activity

Surviving the Teen Years with a One-on-One Activity

As a parent, surviving the teen years with a one-on-one activity is paramount. I have mentioned before in my custody tips, having an unique one-on-one activity is good practice. The advice is actually good parenting regardless of the situation.

5 Ways Parents, to Stay in Tune with Your Teen

5 Ways Parents, to Stay in Tune with Your Teen

As my kids enter their second week of school, routine and business are starting to take over. Among the work of studying, homework projects, and daily band or football practices, it is easy to only see your teen coming and going. It is even more difficult to keep up when your teenager if you are the non-custodian parent. So how do you keep up with your kids? Listed below are my five ways to stay in tune with your teen.

Obesity Now a Factor in Child Custody by

Obesity Now a Factor in Child Custody

In 2009, a 555 pound, 14 year old South Carolina boy was removed to foster care after his mother was arrested and charged with criminal neglect. The state’s Department of Social Services had determined that without state intervention, the boy was at risk of serious harm. Two years later, a Chicago father, who’s children live with him most of the time, brought up his children’s weight and health in discussions with his lawyers.