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Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad, discusses parenting and co-parenting tips in regards to dealing with a blended and divorced parent family. More tips are given if you are a step-parent or a blended family as parenting takes on its own and different issues. Fred advices about not parenting to the other side and what you should worry about and what you should let go in regards to basic parenting in a divorced family household.

Surviving the Teen Years with a One-on-One Activity

Surviving the Teen Years with a One-on-One Activity

As a parent, surviving the teen years with a one-on-one activity is paramount. I have mentioned before in my custody tips, having an unique one-on-one activity is good practice. The advice is actually good parenting regardless of the situation.

5 Ways Parents, to Stay in Tune with Your Teen

5 Ways Parents, to Stay in Tune with Your Teen

As my kids enter their second week of school, routine and business are starting to take over. Among the work of studying, homework projects, and daily band or football practices, it is easy to only see your teen coming and going. It is even more difficult to keep up when your teenager if you are the non-custodian parent. So how do you keep up with your kids? Listed below are my five ways to stay in tune with your teen.

Obesity Now a Factor in Child Custody by

Obesity Now a Factor in Child Custody

In 2009, a 555 pound, 14 year old South Carolina boy was removed to foster care after his mother was arrested and charged with criminal neglect. The state’s Department of Social Services had determined that without state intervention, the boy was at risk of serious harm. Two years later, a Chicago father, who’s children live with him most of the time, brought up his children’s weight and health in discussions with his lawyers.

Co-Parenting Really Sucks, Ok I Said It by

Co-Parenting Really Sucks, Ok I Said It

Out of respect to my daughter, I haven't shared much about my current co-parenting situation. As I review and compare DGC to other custody blogs, I realize I have purposely left out the million crazy instances of co-parenting with someone who has a very different moral and parenting style. As the title of this blog indicates, Daddy Got Custody, I have been the custodial parent since my daughter was four (she's about to be 17 next month).

Determining "What's Best for the Children" Sometimes Complicated

Determining ‘What’s Best for the Children?’ Sometimes Complicated

“What is best for the children?” We ask that question constantly, regardless of the situation. Here we talk mostly about divorcing parents and how Dads can get child custody. We also consider those times where maybe, just maybe, the parents can reconcile their differences, patch up conflicts, and put many of their not seeing-eye-to-eye moments behind them, and reestablish the family unit.

Your Kids Care about their Dad More than Child Support

Your Kids Care about their Dad More than Child Support

“Over the years, I’ve interviewed numerous children in connection with my child custody law and mediation practice. When asked about their feelings and wishes, NOT ONE child responded that they wanted more child support from Daddy. I have had a few children request that their Dad...

Where is the Step Child's Home? Right Here -

Where is the Step-Child’s Home? Right Here with You

Young children of divorce can suffer from a lack of identity. And society can exacerbate that conflict with asking, not intending harm, embarrassing questions that not only make a blended family uncomfortable, but create even more angst for the child of divorced parents.

The Pros & Cons of Children's Media Device Usage

The Pros & Cons of Children’s Media Device Usage

If you have read me for any length of time, you know that I am not a big fan of television for kids. I am a "mafia dad," a name given to me by my teenage daughter, for collecting, monitoring and restricting technology use in our house. If you can believe it, during most of my kids' early years, ...

How Kids Benefit from Support Groups

How Kids and Parents Benefit from Support Groups

Last month, we gave tips on how divorced parents can benefit from joining a single-parent organization. Those reasons included: building a support system, gaining child care options, and vacation buddies. But what about your children? Can they benefit from that organization? Yes, they can.

Single Parent Support Group

Four Valuable Benefits of a Single Parent Support Group

Sometimes, single parents feel isolated. Divorce Stress, Friend Life Required discussed reaching out to others during a divorce. But what about settling into single parenthood? With so much going on around you, and adjustments to make, it’s easy to feel lost and unsure of what to do with your children.

Is a Flexible Schedule a Possible Parenting Solution?

Is a Flexible Schedule a Possible Parenting Solution?

Due to your divorce, your personal schedule has changed, changes that will disrupt your work schedule. You begin updating your resume, in search of a new job. But should you? Before typing out that resignation letter, see if your company will work with you.

Stabilizing Your Children’s Lives Also Helps Parents

Stabilizing Your Children Also Helps Parents

When parents divorce, children suffer. While they must go through their own uncertainties about their future, how the parents handle the post-marriage, pre-divorce window goes a long way in determining how the family unit will function. How do you maintain the love and respect that children have for each parent?

Best Co-Parenting Advise? After Exchange, Make Kids Change

Best Co-Parenting Advise? After Exchange Make Kids Change

Parenting styles change from parent to parent. This is never more evident than dealing with divorced parents. As your kids grow older, you make find resistance and awkwardness in the hours leading up to and coming back from a transition from Mommy's house to Daddy's house. In blended and divorced families this transition time...

Divorce Questions Out of the Mouth of Babes

Divorce Questions from the Mouth of Babes

There are few parenting moments more difficult than having to answer your kids' questions about the divorce. No matter how much you prepared yourself for their inevitable confusion, those moments still manage to catch you off guard. How are you supposed to help them wrap their heads around life after divorce...

Juggling Family and Personal Life

Tips for Easily Juggling Personal Life and Kids Part 2

Tips for Easily Juggling Personal Life and Your Kids: Develop Rules. Sit down with your children and agree to a set of rules for everyone to follow. Keep them simple and positive. For example, instead of, ‘don’t be rude,’ say, ‘be respectful.’ Once the rules are established, refer to them often.