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Get Your Kids into Crafts

3 Reasons to Get Your Kids into Crafts and DIY

There are all sorts of hobbies and pastimes you might want to do with your kids, in order to enrich their lives, enjoy some quality bonding time, and equip them with valuable skills for later life. And, of course, just to have some good old-fashioned fun. Besides, it’s important to get your kids into crafts.

Making Your House Full of Fun

Making Your House Full Of Fun

fun house is what it’s all about. When you dream of having your own family and your own life as a younger adult, you dream of how fun you want your house to be, and how much you would like [...]

Impact of Divorce on Your Kids

Great Ways to Reduce the Impact of Divorce On Your Kids

When grown ups decide to separate and emotions soar high, it is hard to think about the kids. However, they are there every minute, witnessing the arguments and dealing with the changes. If you are a dad who is fighting for custody, or would like to take an active part in the upbringing of your kids, you will need to give them all the support they need to survive these difficult times. Below you will find a few tips on how to help your kids through divorce.

Biggest Parenting Mistakes You Should Avoid -

The Biggest Parenting Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Being a parent is no simple task, especially when alone or co-parenting with a previous partner. It is a role that comes quite easily to some of us, but for others, it can be a lot more troublesome. While each of our experiences as a parent is quite different, there is one thing that we are all sure to do at some point – Make a mistake. These mistakes don’t necessarily make you a bad parent, but it is best to avoid them. With that in mind, here are six mistakes that you might make.

Perfecting Parenting

Perfecting Parenting

Here we take a look at two basic but important skills we can put in place to help give our children an added sense of security within the parent/child relationship and work on perfecting parenting.

Mastering Co-Parenting by

Mastering Co-Parenting For The Sake Of Your Children

ow this is pretty much essential. Parenting is an art form we think. It’s something that you have to try and perfect over many years, and it definitely doesn’t come easy. Because half of the time you’ll spend crying in [...]

A Child's Perspective on Life by Fred Campos,

A Child’s Perspective On Life

So if they can create all of these different images in their head, what do you think they think about the rest of their life. Do they put up a barrier, and create their own version of the world we see? Or are they more intelligent than we think, picking up on the smallest of things that even we miss because we don’t have the time to look? Well, we want to try and give you a child’s perspective on life, so see what you think of the life they might be living in their head!

Taking Care of Your Kids by

Taking Care Of Your Kids Full Time: What You Should Know

Taking care of your kids full time usually means you’ve decided to leave work to take care of your kids, and also that you’re not with the other parent anymore and the kids are staying with you. Taking care of the kids full time can be tough, especially on your own – which is why many single parents do decide to stop working. Below, you’ll find some advice that can help you when taking care of your kids full time.

The High Road by

The High Road – Can It Be Taken During Familial Chaos?

But can the high road be taken? While it’s naive to think that in these circumstances everyone will act in the most professional and clinical manner possible, is it possible to adjust your own actions to ensure that you only carry self-respect, and prevent the contained issue from causing the chaos that’s always potentially on the horizon? We’d say yes.

Why Selflessness is the Key to Being a Better Parent

Why Selfishness Is the Key to Being a Better Parent

We often hear two different opinions when it comes to parenting; you either put your kids first or you put yourself first, there’s no in-between. Most people tend to agree with this. After all, raising kids is a handful and there are plenty of people out there that think having a child is pretty much the end of your life until they grow old enough to fend for themselves in the world.

Protecting Your Kids from Divorce

A Semi-Shield: Protecting Your Kids from Divorce Appropriately

We have so many internal conflicts when we are striving to be a better father, not least when we are going through the divorce process. Sometimes we can feel that we have to protect our kids from all of the pain and anguish that we are going through, but conversely, are we doing as much damage to our children by not letting them in? This begs the question, how much should we really shield our children from the divorce, and is there anything we can do to make the process more palatable for them?

Decision Time: Big Choices You’ll Make As A Parent

Decision Time: Big Choices You’ll Make As A Parent

As a parent, you’ll to have to make lots of big choices for your child, and they’re worth thinking about now. Here are some of the biggest choices that could affect your child for years to come and how you can make the best decision.

Ensuring Your Child has a Bright Future

Want to Ensure Your Child Has a Bright Future? Make Sure You Follow These Crucial Steps

Let’s start by saying that no, there is no secret sauce or method to make your kids have a successful future. Everything is ultimately up to them, but there are plenty of ways for you to help out and ensure that they have a bright future ahead of them. There are two main considerations to keep in mind; how do you wish to guide your children in the future they want, and how will you prevent yourself from being an overbearing parent?

Effective Ways to Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem by

Effective Ways to boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

As the parent, you are responsible for countering some of the negative effects that hurt your children. You are also responsible for bolstering their confidence levels, so their self-esteem doesn’t plummet when they face life’s challenges. You also need to be the person who is not directly responsible for damaging their confidence levels in the first place.

Educating Your Child by

Educating Your Child From A Young Age

Educating your child from a young age is essential if you hope to instill in them a sense of general understanding and competence. Of course, you may have chosen a good school for them to attend, diligently ensure they only miss days when very ill, and ensure they complete homework or simply integrate well with the class. That means you’re a reliable and considerate parent.