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Essential Aspects of Divorce

Don’t Overlook These Essential Aspects To Divorce

If you are currently undergoing a divorce, or you are about to, then it helps to be as prepared as possible for what lies ahead. As it happens, there is so much that you will need to be prepared for, emotionally and practically, that it’s a good idea to make sure you know as much about it as possible as early as possible.

Is Intimacy Missing in Your Marriage?

Is Intimacy Missing in Your Marriage?

Intimacy is a big deal. And no, we’re not just talking about sex. Of course, we all know that sex is a healthy part of any relationship. But you can still have sex and lack intimacy in your marriage. By definition, intimacy relates to closeness, togetherness, and a sense of familiarity. In marriage.

Modern Divorces are All About Smiling

Modern Divorces are All About Smiling

Fifty, forty or even thirty years ago, the concept of divorce was still pretty fresh. It was raw. It was like winning the lottery in the worst possible way, by which we mean it was still really rare. Fast-forward to the modern day and half of all marriages end in a courtroom somewhere and, we’ve got to be honest, most are messy.

Thinking of Proposing?

Thinking of Proposing? 3 Ideas to Consider

There’s understandably a significant focus on divorce within this blog, however, if you’ve found someone special and are wanting to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, you’re probably feeling something between excitement and anxiety. See, we often feel a significant amount of pressure to come up with an elaborate and “romantic” way to pop the question that blows our partner away when we are thinking of proposing.

Four Elements that Could Cause Your Marriage to Break

4 Elements that Could Cause Your Marriage to Break

Everyone can face problems when it comes to their marriage. It could be that you have been together for some time and feel like the marriage is breaking down, or perhaps something has gone awry over the years. Of course, some of the obvious causes of marital breakdown would be your partner straying, lying, cheating, etc.

Stop Fighting Talk From Ruining Your Marriage

How to Stop Fighting Talk From Ruining Your Marriage

Humans are complex beings. So complex, in fact, that it’s a wonder that any of us can sustain a relationship for a lifetime; but we do. We persevere because the joys of being in a loving union make it all worthwhile. Still, there’s no denying that any marriage has its ups and downs.

The End of Marriage Much Messier by

The Mistakes That Can Make The End Of Marriage Much Messier

The end of a relationship, or the impending end, is rarely going to be a smooth or easy ride for anyone. It’s certainly not fun. But it’s important to remember that it can always get a whole lot worse if you let it. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens. It’s not some unknown force or a malicious outside party that makes a break-up get nasty.

Coping When Your Ex's Partner Becomes Your Child's Step Parent

Coping When Your Ex’s Partner Becomes Your Child’s Step Parent

Just like your relationship with your Ex evolved, and you become closer, it seems this new relationship is heading along the same path. This is when panic starts to set in because your kids are about to become part of a new family.

The Single 'Sign' That Suggests Your Marriage Is Over

The Single ‘Sign’ That Suggests Your Marriage Is Over

The internet is packed with articles that suggest there are ‘signs’ that your marriage is over. There are plenty of examples of these articles, but for reference, there’s a good example of the type on These frequently-discussed signs are meant to reflect something concrete, some absolute signal that suggests that your marriage is no longer viable as if there are breadcrumbs that you can follow through to the gingerbread house of divorce.

Marriage on the Rocks? Take These Steps

Marriage On The Rocks? Take These Steps

Some people get married too young, and the end up drifting apart ten years down the line. Others are genuinely in love when they get together, but that changes over time. Whatever the reason for your issue, it’s important not [...]

The Greatest Divorces by

The Greatest Divorces I’ve Ever Encountered

So many times we focus or hear about terrible divorces and custody battles that last forever. In my 18 years of dealing and working with child custody issues, I have run across a few shining examples of parents with the greatest divorces. These parents worked it out, put their kids first, and got along better than most married couples.

Be Certain You Want a Divorce

Be Certain You Want to Divorce

After months of fighting, arguing and living an unfulfilling and frustrated life, Dave (not his real name), finally determined his marriage was over. A teacher, he sat in the lounge wondering how he could get out of his unhappy situation. His only way out would force him to dip into his already strained resources.

Decision to Divorce Final by

Decision to Divorce Final: What You Should Do Next (1/2)

You’ve put up with so much for so long. You’ve been so unhappy. But today was it. Maybe it was one last argument. Or it could have been the stark, albeit unhappy realization that you just don’t love her and you never will. So you are ready to take that scary step, the one that will affect you, your family and most of your relationships for the rest of your life. So you’ve decided on the only answer: Divorce.

Unsung Heroes, the Stepmom!

The Unsung Heroes, the Stepmoms!

Today is Mother’s Day. (Hi mom!) And for many mom’s across America, it is a slightly sad day. I am talking about those unsung heroes that fly under the radar…the Stepmoms! Those parental helpers and most of the time better parents who assist us dads in parenting, fighting for our kids, negotiating with the Ex, doing homework, and cooking meals in this crazy blended family thing we call… life.

Declining Divorce Rates? Stats Agree that's the Case

Declining Divorce Rates? Stats Agree that’s the Case

Yes, half of all marriages end in divorce. That stat has been floating around for so long, that its almost part of our cultural fabric. But according the Huffington Post, the nation’s divorce rate has been dropping for years. About 70% of marriages that began in the 1990s reached their 15th anniversary, up from roughly 65% that began in the 70s and 80s.