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House of Cards Season 3 Clarie and Frank Underwood

House of Cards Season 3, Chapter 28 – Frank Underwood

President Underwood (Keven Spacey) tries hard to rally his party to back his American Works bill. Instead of hearing him, they propose that he not seek re-election in 2016 in an effort to unite the party. Things aren’t going well for Claire (Robin Wright) either.

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House of Cards Season 3, Chapter 27 – Doug Stamper

The story open six months into Francis J. “Frank” Underwood Presidency, played by Keven Spacey. With Frank playing respects to his dead father’s grave. Talking directly into the camera, a classic move of this series, he explains that he will be remembered far more than his father.

My Geeky Valentines Idea House of Cards Marathon

My Geeky Valentine’s Idea…House of Cards Marathon?

I have a confession to make. I am going to share my deepest darkest sin in my life. One I would deny publicly and never want my kids to know. Ready? I am secretly in love and am addicted to Netflix’s House of Cards.I know, I know. It’s a non-geeky show that is certainly not Christian, …