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I think therefore I AM. Life seems funny to me, I think God has a big sense of humor. I really enjoy life, but most stuff goes over my head anyway. I like red crocs. Did I mention I am A.D.D?

Attorney Sites 2016 Challenge

Pre-Built Attorney Sites 2016 Challenge

For those that have been following me for years, you probably know that in addition to providing this blog, I make my living building websites under my DFW Website Designers business. Well have worked with several dozen of attorneys over the last five years, I am pleased to announce a new service... Pre-Built Attorney Websites.

China Trip Pottery Making

China Trip – Even Genghis Khan Wears Green Crocs – Day 7

Our first stop in Jingedezhen was to the Ceramic Historical Museum. Located in Panlongshan, the western suburb of Jingdezhen City, the museum has a rich collection of over 5,000 articles. The items on display include ceramics from past dynasties, historical information about ceramics, precious collections of paintings and calligraphies.

Visiting Middle School of Jiangxi by

China Trip – Studying Chinese Education – Day 6

We arrived by bus at the Middle School of Jiangxi Normal University. Even though it was sprinkling, most of the kids, staff, and principal were lining up outside to greet us. Our organization was highlighted across their marque and after a few brief opening remarks, we were each assigned each a senior student tour guide.

Visiting China's Schools by

China Trip – Visiting China’s Schools – Day 5

We arrived at Nanchang No. 2 High School in Hangutan New District. Nanchang No. 2 High School was original the Xinyaun High School was founded in 1901. As one of the country’s top 100 high schools, it has also been recognized as one of the best high schools in the world.

How China Educates Kids - China Trip 2015

China Trip – How China Educates Kids – Day 4

I have been deemed the official trip taster by those around me. A designation I truly don't feel comfortable or knowledgeable to accept. My culinary array of fine food falls on spectrum of Ramen noodles, TV dinners, and fast food varieties. Nevertheless, my esteemed delegates need my distinguishing palette...

Beijing and Forbidden City, 2015 China Delegates

China Trip – Beijing and Forbidden City – Day 3

Our group gathered, filled out paperwork and one by one officially entered China on a one-time guest visa. When it came to my turn, I tried hard to smile and take my questions seriously. When I don't get enough sleep or forget my ADD meds the whole world starts becoming funny. "Federico, do you have anything to declare?"

Sleeping on the Plane to China by

China Trip – The Longest Day Ever – Day 2

My large luggage is checked to China, and I flew through US security inside LAX's International terminal. International security was a breeze, as I guess brown shorts and green Crocs don't fit any profiling threats. They didn't even harass me about having two laptops in my carry-on or require me "to cough," like last time.

Fred's China Trip 2015

My School Board Trip to China – Day 1

As a newly elected school board member, I have an opportunity to visit China. HEB ISD teaches and offers world languages, which includes Mandarin Chinese for our students. Both governments provide an ongoing opportunity for educators to learn and study how education is done in China, called the Chinese Bridge Delegation.

The Truth Fairy by

The Truth Fairy

Last night my 10 year old daughter, Caitlyn, came home barreling through the front door overly excited to show me that she had lost a molar tooth. I barely got the words out, “How was your weekend with your mom?” when I was quickly holding and admiring my daughter’s greatest loss. “You owe me big time! This one fell out by itself when I was eating a burger for lunch yesterday at mom's.”

How Band, Flags, and Cheers Make New Fans

How Band, Flags, and Cheers Make New Fans

It has been a little over a year since I have been assimilated into the high school football Borg. This cybermetic cultish collective has been an interesting process for me personally, now that my daughter is part of a band. For that reason, my obligation for watching football has increased a hundredfold. I have seen more live football in the past year ...