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Beginning's Guide to Seeing a Therapist

Beginner’s Guide To Seeing A Therapist

Nowadays, more and more people are opting to see a therapist. This is because it is not seen as a taboo, as it once was. A therapist can help you with so many different situations, from helping you to get on the right path nutritionally to help you get your relationship back on track. In this guide, we are going to take a look at the different types of therapy that are available. These therapies merely scratch the surface.

12 Ways to Live a Happy Family Life -

12 Ways To Live A Happy Family Life

Although it may seem easy at first, having a happy family life can be an incredibly hard thing to achieve. Rather than keeping one person happy, you need to focus on everyone around you to ensure they’re as happy as things be. Whether it’s ensuring your kids are doing well at school or progressing at work, focusing on a million things at once definitely isn’t easy. To help, I’ve put together a list of 12 ways to love a happy lifestyle.

The Typical Family Life

The Typical Family Life

We’ve picked this title specifically to get you thinking about what a normal family life might be. Because you will no doubt have been brought up to believe, by schools and movies, that family life is this perfect image of two parents living together. They’ll have the house in a street where children can spend their days playing, a family dog that can be walked on the evening, but this is just not the case. There are so many families out there that have a totally different dynamic, yet might be judged by others for not having this perfect family lifestyle that everyone seems to rave about! So this is why we created this article. We want to give you a really good insight into what we think family life is like, what others think it is, and how we can ensure that no matter what, we’re giving the best life possible to our children.

My 2019 Smart Goals

My 2019 Goals

Every New Year’s Day since I was 25, I have sat down and written out goals. There is something magical about written goals and even on this 10-year blog, I have written and tracked some of the progress of the goals I have set in previous years. Of course, if you follow me on my personal twitter, @FredsDaily you know that I obsessed with tracking my life, hour by hour. So it would make sense that I would have New Year’s Resolutions or Goals for my life.

The Unexpected Health Benefits of Forgiveness

The Unexpected Health Benefits of Forgiveness

As we traverse the often rough and rocky road of life we encounter many people who come and go over the years. Some of these people enrich our lives, bringing fun, friendship, solace and even love. Others seem absolutely intent on ruining our lives one snarky comment and passive-aggressive put down at a time. While appreciating the positive and learning to tolerate the negative is a natural part of life, the deepest cuts come when those we’ve come to love to betray us.

Life Lessons to Teach Your Children Before They Reach Adulthood

Life Lessons to Teach Your Children Before They Reach Adulthood

As a parent, it is your responsibility you ensure that your children grow up to be the happiest, healthiest, most successful adults they can be. It’s no easy task to equip your kids with all the tools they need to be well-rounded adults.

Attorney Sites 2016 Challenge

Pre-Built Attorney Sites 2016 Challenge

For those that have been following me for years, you probably know that in addition to providing this blog, I make my living building websites under my DFW Website Designers business. Well have worked with several dozen of attorneys over the last five years, I am pleased to announce a new service… Pre-Built Attorney Websites.

China Trip Pottery Making

China Trip – Even Genghis Khan Wears Green Crocs – Day 7

Our first stop in Jingedezhen was to the Ceramic Historical Museum. Located in Panlongshan, the western suburb of Jingdezhen City, the museum has a rich collection of over 5,000 articles. The items on display include ceramics from past dynasties, historical information about ceramics, precious collections of paintings and calligraphies.

Visiting Middle School of Jiangxi by

China Trip – Studying Chinese Education – Day 6

We arrived by bus at the Middle School of Jiangxi Normal University. Even though it was sprinkling, most of the kids, staff, and principal were lining up outside to greet us. Our organization was highlighted across their marque and after a few brief opening remarks, we were each assigned each a senior student tour guide.

Visiting China's Schools by

China Trip – Visiting China’s Schools – Day 5

We arrived at Nanchang No. 2 High School in Hangutan New District. Nanchang No. 2 High School was original the Xinyaun High School was founded in 1901. As one of the country’s top 100 high schools, it has also been recognized as one of the best high schools in the world.