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5 Free Papa Louie Arcade Games

5 Free Papa Louie Arcade Games to Kill ANY Productive Day

I have two boys ages 11 and 5 who are very much computer addicted to free “PapaLouie” games. I have no idea where they get their laptop obsession. I try very hard to make some time and actually play these online games with them (or next to them). I have to say most of them are very good…

How to Fly on Bare Gas without Losing Your Spirit Fare

How to Fly on Bare Gas, without Losing Your Spirit Fare…

I just finished up a year-long contract in Minneapolis that required me to fly up there from Dallas monthly. As a turnkey contractor, I always try to fly as cheaply as possible. When we’re talking cheap there is one airlines that has taken their price and service to a new low…

eBag TLS Mother Lode Mini 21" Wheeled Duffel

How to Pack a “Mother Lode” without Dumping One

Packing the Inside of the eBags TLS 21″ Mini Mother Lode Duffel: With 2752 cu. in. of space, both my wife and I were able to pack a four-day dressy trip in this ONE carry-on bag. This just over 8 lbs, light, durable Mother Lode duffel, has more features than IMAX theater on Thanksgiving weekend.

Easy Ways to Designate Space for Reading with Your Kids by Kelsey Reaves

Easy Ways to Designate Space for Reading with Your Kids

When setting up a reading space, start with the personality of the child. Knowing your child’s personality will increase the odds of getting it perfect. Introvert or extrovert? Recharges alone or is energized by crowds? If you are reading this, the chances are high that your child is either:

Forget Cable, We Do Amazon Prime by

Forget Cable, We Do Amazon Prime

It is cheap, with only one fee. I can try it out for a year and turn it off easily if I elect I don’t want to renew. It didn’t require a special box or someone to run wires around my house or install a satellite dish. For our family, it offered tons of kids programs and just enough shows and movies to completely derail a well oiled family.