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Let's Have Fun with Our Children

Let’s Have Fun With Our Children

We usually discuss the serious issues of divorcing parents, child custody, child care. But it’s Friday, so we decided we (and probably you) needed a break.

We saw this on Facebook and couldn’t resist. A dad, left home alone with his baby, spent the day creatively. We enjoyed this. Hope you do too.

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Let’s have fun with our kids! They are only young once. – FullCustodyDad

Let’s Have Fun with Our Kids – Dad Left Home with Baby…

Like most new parents, returning to work and leaving a newborn at home — even for just a few hours — was enough to break Priscilla’s heart. When she went back to work on nights and weekends six weeks after giving birth, Eric began staying home with Jack. The doting dad decided to do take an extra step in order to keep Priscilla in the loop and up-to-date with Jack’s daily life.

Eric created daily “dubsmash” videos which features him lip-syncing his way through otherwise ordinary moments spent at home with an infant. From feeding Jack broccoli to snuggling in bed, Eric went above and beyond to creatively capture their growing bond and make Mom smile while she was away.

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Dad, what fun videos have you made with your kids? What is your favorite activity you do with your kids?

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