Getting Taken to Court

What Will Happen if You’re Getting Taken to Court

There are all kinds of reasons why you might find yourself being taken to court. Sometimes, it can come out of nowhere and other times you might be keen to fight your case so that you can get the outcome you want or prove your innocence. Whatever your situation, you need to know how the process is going to play out and what you can expect as you move through the different stages of the process.

Protecting Your Kids from Divorce

A Semi-Shield: Protecting Your Kids from Divorce Appropriately

We have so many internal conflicts when we are striving to be a better father, not least when we are going through the divorce process. Sometimes we can feel that we have to protect our kids from all of the pain and anguish that we are going through, but conversely, are we doing as much damage to our children by not letting them in? This begs the question, how much should we really shield our children from the divorce, and is there anything we can do to make the process more palatable for them?

Be a Better Father

This Is How To Be A Better Father

Whether you have full, or partial custody of your kids, the most important thing is to be the best Dad you can be. Of course, being a good Dad isn’t an easy task, and there are many decisions and issue you will have to overcome along the way. The most crucial of which you can find out more about below.

How Phones Ruin Relationships

Cell Mutilation: How Phones Ruin Relationships

I don’t know you, but I can name one thing you keep on your person at all times. Yep, a cell phone has become that important in modern society. There isn’t a moment when you can’t look around and see millennials and baby boomers glancing at a screen. They’re everywhere and the surge doesn’t seem as if it’s going to stop anytime soon. As helpful as they are, they can ruin lives. Does this sound like a big statement? It should because it’s true, and relationships are in the firing line the most. Below are the reasons why cell phones mutilate love lives.

Prepping Yourself for the Courtroom by

Prepping Yourself for the Courtroom

ou have to do a whole lot of work to prepare yourself for any case in the courtroom. You have to find a reliable legal representative, gather your evidence, prepare your arguments, know your facts, and build up the confidence [...]

Custody Road Review by

Custody Road Review

Director John Lacy lays out a hauntingly desperate, spontaneously violent, and very painful movie. A struggling stand up comic goes to extreme measures of kidnapping his party-girl ex-wife from winning sole custody of their young son. What happens at a remote cabin in the high desert of California will cause you to reflect on the true pains of the child custody process.

AuCuTee White Noise Machine Product Review -

AuCuTee White Noise Machine Product Review – FREE Giveaway

Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad blogger, reivews and recommends the AuCuTee White Noise Machine for helping you and your kids get a great night sleep.

Keeping the Peace

Keeping the Peace

Parenting is probably the hardest thing that any one person, any marriage, goes through. You change and grow as people and while your children grow, you often lose sight of each other, too. Do you know what makes parenting so much harder? Splitting with your partner. But it’s not for the reason that you think.

Single Dad Survival Kit by

The Single Dad Survival Kit

Life is tough on pretty much everybody. We’re all struggling under the yoke of suppressed wages, long working hours, rents that continue to crawl upwards even as our pay stagnates and a cost of living that always seems just out of our reach. For a single parent, however, an already difficult life can seem like swimming against the tide. We wage a never-ending battle with ourselves. We constantly turn the cold light of introspection upon ourselves and our lives. We’re always asking ourselves if we could and should be doing more to advance our career while constantly plagued by doubts as to whether we’re doing the best thing for our kids.

Decision Time: Big Choices You’ll Make As A Parent

Decision Time: Big Choices You’ll Make As A Parent

As a parent, you’ll to have to make lots of big choices for your child, and they’re worth thinking about now. Here are some of the biggest choices that could affect your child for years to come and how you can make the best decision.