Communicate Amicably by

How To Communicate Amicably With Your Ex

Divorce can be a tricky time for everyone involved, especially if you have children. If you have children together you can’t make a totally clean break, as you both have parenting responsibilities. Ideally, all differences would be put aside for the sake of your children and this may be a possibility if your divorce was a mutual decision.

Educational Experience

Preparing Yourself and Your Child for Their Educational Experience

etting your little one ready for school is a big deal. Most people don’t take into account the preparation that often goes into securing them a place in the school of your choice and ensuring that they’re ready to spend [...]

Is Intimacy Missing in Your Marriage?

Is Intimacy Missing in Your Marriage?

Intimacy is a big deal. And no, we’re not just talking about sex. Of course, we all know that sex is a healthy part of any relationship. But you can still have sex and lack intimacy in your marriage. By definition, intimacy relates to closeness, togetherness, and a sense of familiarity. In marriage.

Keeping the Kids Healthy by

A Dad’s Simple Guide to Keeping the Kids Healthy

It’s not just Moms that are concerned for the children health, Dads are too. That means if you are the little one’s primary caregiver health is definitely something that needs to be high on your priority list. With this in mind check out the simple guide to keeping the little one as healthy as possible.

Getting Your Kids through Challenging Times

Getting Your Kids Through Challenging Times

Your kids are resilient little creatures; with plenty of love and support, they can get through an array of challenges and any difficult times that life may throw at them. However, the key is to protect them as much as possible, communicate clearly and regularly, and ensure that they feel able, to be honest about their thoughts and feelings.

Austin Amtrak Station from

De Train, Boss, De Train!

After spending the night in Austin, in our wonderful accommodations provided by Airbnb Joey, we packed up and ventured to see one of my DFW Website Designers client, Mario from (Forgive the name dropping, we need the backlinking. *hehe*) Mario bought another website more than paying for this trip.
After visiting and serving us a late brunch, he dropped us off in downtown Austin.

First Father/Son Trip on a Greyhound Bus

Father Son Trips Trains, Buses and Ubermobiles

It has been a reflective year for me so far. I’ve been thinking about special moments I had as a child with my parents. Most of those moments include special one-on-one times. When I have shared these stories with others, they also tell me about special fishing or camping trips they took with their Dad as a kid. Sometimes those moments happen by chance, and sometimes they were crafted by the parent to make lasting memories.

Key Factors You Need to Know about Custody

Key Facts You Need to Know About Custody

Working out custody between parents is never easy. If you can’t come to an agreement between you, which many can’t, you often need to turn to a judge to make the decision for you. However, this means giving up a level of control and putting the future of your relationship with your children at least partly in someone else’s hands.

Modern Divorces are All About Smiling

Modern Divorces are All About Smiling

Fifty, forty or even thirty years ago, the concept of divorce was still pretty fresh. It was raw. It was like winning the lottery in the worst possible way, by which we mean it was still really rare. Fast-forward to the modern day and half of all marriages end in a courtroom somewhere and, we’ve got to be honest, most are messy.

Traveling with Your Newborn

Handy Advice for Parents That Plan to Travel With Their Newborn

Taking care of your newborn child is hard work, and it’s even more difficult when you consider that you might occasionally need to travel with them. Whether you’re getting on a train or driving them across town, traveling with a newborn can be a difficult task if you’re not used to it or if you’re unsure how you can best take care of them. So to help you out, we’ve prepared some useful advice for parents that plan to travel with their newborn baby.