Making the Most of Joint Custody by

Making the Most of Joint Custody

When you’ve got joint custody of your children you might only end up seeing them for weekends. It’s not the ideal judgment but it’s what you have at the moment. That was the situation that my parents were in after they got divorced. From the age of five, I lived with my Mom and spent weekends with my Dad (I would eventually live with my Dad, but that’s another story).

The Human Body by Imagina Books

Imagina Books – Educational Augmented Reality Books

Imagina Books is a series of Educational Augmented Reality books that blends between the classical book reading experience and the recent technology, Augmented Reality, that boosts visualization and Imagination leading to better understanding, more enjoyable and a better hands-on experience for our kids. The book and the mobile application are the two pillars of this experience.

Marriage on the Rocks? Take These Steps

Marriage On The Rocks? Take These Steps

Some people get married too young, and the end up drifting apart ten years down the line. Others are genuinely in love when they get together, but that changes over time. Whatever the reason for your issue, it’s important not [...]

How Not to Over Spend When Expecting by

New Parent Alert: How Not to Overspend

Becoming a new parent is both exciting and overwhelming. Whether you are a couple, or going it alone, the emotional rollercoaster you are about to embark on will change you as a person forever. While the traumas of pregnancy and the long wait will go faster than you anticipate, one element many new parents start to panic about is what their new baby will need in those first few months.

Life Lessons to Teach Your Children Before They Reach Adulthood

Life Lessons to Teach Your Children Before They Reach Adulthood

As a parent, it is your responsibility you ensure that your children grow up to be the happiest, healthiest, most successful adults they can be. It’s no easy task to equip your kids with all the tools they need to be well-rounded adults.

Custody Battles are Unique in Texas

3 Ways Custody Battles are Unique in Texas

Child custody and divorce varies from state to state. What makes divorce unique in Texas? What are some child custody issues that are handled differently in Texas? Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad explains three unique characteristics of custody battles in Texas.

Important of Hobbies for Children

The Importance Of Hobbies For Children

Most Mom and Dads want their kids to grow up into well-rounded individuals. That often means ensuring the little ones get a decent education and go off to college in their late teens. However, the process starts much earlier than that in most instances, and parents should set their child off on the right track from the moment they start school.

3 Pieces of Advice for Single Dads

3 Pieces Of Advice For Single Dads We Wish We Were Given

Being a Dad is no easy feat. Just trying to find the balance between providing for your kids and enjoying time with your kids is a constant battle where one can affect the other. However, being a single Dad is a whole new ball game. Literally. It is like trying to play two-against-one badminton in a lion's den. There are just so many responsibilities to juggle.

Encourage Your Kids to Play Sports

5 Exciting Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Play Sports

As a parent, you always want to be able to bring the best out in your children. Not only is it important to you for them to be happy, but you definitely always want to ensure that they reach their potential, and can generally be successful in whatever it is that they want to do. It’s only natural for us to press academics. We know that education is important, so it’s second nature for us to encourage them in school, and support their academics. But what about sports?

How to Stay Close When One Parent is Far Away

Military Families: How to Stay Close When One Parent is Far Away

Having a loved one in the military can place lots of strain on other family members. Indeed, they spend most of their time worrying, and the rest missing their husband or wife. Still, there are lots of things all families can do to ensure they stay close when one parent is far away. It’s important for everyone in the military and their partners to consider some of the advice from this page. They should do that for the benefit of their children who run the risk of growing up without their mother or father.