House of Cards Season 3 Chapter 35 - Innocence Lost

House of Cards Season 3 Chapter 35 – Innocence Lost

This episode opens with Kate Baldwin (Kim Dickens) sleeping with Thomas Yates (Paul Sparks) skipping President Frank Underwood's campaign speech in Iowa. During the speech, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), passes Frank a note that 8 Russian troops were killed in the Jordan Valley. Frank cuts his speech short and tries to get Russian President Viktor Petrov on the phone.

Cooperate Successful Custody Evaluations

Why Child Custody Evaluations are So Stressful Part 3 of 4

Cooperation: the Key to a Successful Custody Evaluation. Cooperate. If you are looking for one word that will prepare you for your child custody evaluation, and give you the best chance of gaining custody of Johnny, that’s it. Cooperate. Do you want to be there? No. Do you have to be there? No. Only if you want custody of your child. And that means cooperate under every circumstance.

Dealing with Parental Alienation

Using Technology to Deal with Parental Alienation

Therapists, lawyers, psychologists, and psychiatrists—they all will give you a different definition about what parental alienation is about. But to put in it’s most crude form: **it has to do with everything that a custodial parent does like using estrangement to create a division between the victimized parent and child, being hostile, nudging and conspiring, etc.

The Greatest Divorces by

The Greatest Divorces I’ve Ever Encountered

So many times we focus or hear about terrible divorces and custody battles that last forever. In my 18 years of dealing and working with child custody issues, I have run across a few shining examples of parents with the greatest divorces. These parents worked it out, put their kids first, and got along better than most married couples.

5 Ways Parents, to Stay in Tune with Your Teen

5 Ways Parents, to Stay in Tune with Your Teen

As my kids enter their second week of school, routine and business are starting to take over. Among the work of studying, homework projects, and daily band or football practices, it is easy to only see your teen coming and going. It is even more difficult to keep up when your teenager if you are the non-custodian parent. So how do you keep up with your kids? Listed below are my five ways to stay in tune with your teen.

7 Ways to Get Involved in Your Kids' School

7 Ways to Get Involved in Your Kids’ School

It's back to school time. My kids here in North Texas started last week. I know for many of you, your kids will start after Labor Day. Nevertheless, I thought it would be a great time to review ideas on how to get involved in your kids' school. 7 Ways to Get Involved in Your Kids' School...

Why Child Custody Evaluations are so Stressful

Why Child Custody Evaluations are so Stressful Part 2 of 4

A child custody evaluation usually begins with a court-appointed psychologist to conduct a family assessment. Depending on the situation, this evaluation could involve a step-parent, fiancé, or live-in partner. The questioning should include questioning the parents together or separate, and perhaps the more mature children. If interrogated separately, parents should be asked the similar questions covering the same topics/concerns and should address the well-being of the children.

Child Custody Evaluations

Why Child Custody Evaluations are so Stressful Part 1 of 4

A court-appointed child custody evaluator should act as an independent expert and not as a parental advocate. The evaluator should conduct a comprehensive interview that provides the court with an accurate, balanced picture of the family situation. This is tremendously stressful for all family members. Most parents are understandably concerned about undergoing a child custody evaluation.

Slob Space, What's on Your Desk?

Slob Space: What’s on Your Desk?

With three active kids who are days away from starting school, I've been staying up late or getting up extra early to catch up on work. While I do have an office just two short miles from the house, I have also put together a make shift private office in my home. Private in the sense that it is a card table located in the master bathroom. None of this is normally a problem, except I am one of those geeks whose work space has turned into a slob space.

TED Talks by Chris Anderson

TED Talks by Chris Anderson, Book Summary

This book is a great guide for anyone considering public speaking. It is chalk full of tips and considerations regarding how to present, more importantly how to prepare, dressing, use slides for your talks. It is an excellent book and a needed topic for all businessmen.