How to Make Divorce Easier for Children

How To Make Divorce Easier For Your Children

Divorce is always a tricky time for everyone involved. If you have children it is essential for everyone to remain as amicable as possible. Children can become very insecure when their parents are separating, as their whole world is about to be tipped upside down. A few decades ago divorce was unusual, but now divorce rates are at an all-time high. In a way, this is better for children involved, as they are unlikely to feel that they are the only child going through it.

The End of Marriage Much Messier by

The Mistakes That Can Make The End Of Marriage Much Messier

The end of a relationship, or the impending end, is rarely going to be a smooth or easy ride for anyone. It’s certainly not fun. But it’s important to remember that it can always get a whole lot worse if you let it. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens. It’s not some unknown force or a malicious outside party that makes a break-up get nasty.

Providing Children with Balance

Providing Your Children With Balance

Being a part of a family that co-parents is tough. You get part of your week away from your children, and it can often feel like a timeshare. You don’t know what goes on outside of your own hours, and you don’t get to be there every single day. Routines get thrown up in the air on a regular basis and the struggle to keep a balance for the sake of the children is very real.

The Unexpected Health Benefits of Forgiveness

The Unexpected Health Benefits of Forgiveness

As we traverse the often rough and rocky road of life we encounter many people who come and go over the years. Some of these people enrich our lives, bringing fun, friendship, solace and even love. Others seem absolutely intent on ruining our lives one snarky comment and passive-aggressive put down at a time. While appreciating the positive and learning to tolerate the negative is a natural part of life, the deepest cuts come when those we’ve come to love to betray us.

Creating a Bedroom Wonderland

Creating A Bedroom Wonderland For Your Kids

Childhood is a magical time, and parents should try to take advantage of that fact when it comes to creating a bedroom wonderland for their children. Try to think outside of the box and come up with lots of fresh ideas that will make the little ones feel excited. You know your child better than anyone else, and so you’re the best person to execute all the final decisions.

Coping When Your Ex's Partner Becomes Your Child's Step Parent

Coping When Your Ex’s Partner Becomes Your Child’s Step Parent

Just like your relationship with your Ex evolved, and you become closer, it seems this new relationship is heading along the same path. This is when panic starts to set in because your kids are about to become part of a new family.

Traveling with Babies by

Top Tips for Traveling with Babies

A lot of babies love the car and the motion sends them straight off to sleep. However, if you are traveling with babies on a long drive, you might need some tips to help you get through the trip as painlessly as possible. Babies will probably sleep through the trip, they might wake up halfway and get grouchy about being stuck in their seat.

The Parent's Guide to Protecting Kids from a Breakup

The Parent’s Guide To Protecting Kids From A Breakup

Parents often don’t realize how much they upset their children when they argue in front of them. All responsible adults should try to contain themselves and refrain from engaging in verbal disagreements until the kids go to bed. If you don’t think it’s possible to have a rational and calm conversation with your Ex – don’t speak to them at all! (This is hard to sometimes but my life got considerably better once we completely stopped talking.)

The Single 'Sign' That Suggests Your Marriage Is Over

The Single ‘Sign’ That Suggests Your Marriage Is Over

The internet is packed with articles that suggest there are ‘signs’ that your marriage is over. There are plenty of examples of these articles, but for reference, there’s a good example of the type on These frequently-discussed signs are meant to reflect something concrete, some absolute signal that suggests that your marriage is no longer viable as if there are breadcrumbs that you can follow through to the gingerbread house of divorce.

Car Seat Installation

It’s Time to Review Your Car Seat Installation

When I was growing up, it was perfectly acceptable from my grandfather to have a loaded gun in the front seat, be drinking a cold beverage, doing 70 mph down the highway, while I and my cousin stood straight up in the back of an open pickup truck. 40 years later, it was amazing I’m alive today. It was the age before car seats.