Single Daddy Dating Tips

Oh, Papi – Single Daddy Dating Tips

Going through a divorce or separation makes it seem as if you never want to date again. Fool me once, shame on me but fool me twice. Well, we all know how that proverb ends. Plus, you have custody of the children and it’s your job to keep them safe and warm and happy and well fed. Their needs come first.

Protecting Your Children

Handling It With “Dad Gloves” – Protecting Your Children (Without Going Overboard!)

We try our best to do well by our kids, and, when it comes to being a caring, attentive father, we can be bound by various pressures. It’s very difficult when you see the epitome of the “perfect” dad out in the street, or on television, and you try to emulate this, you can make a rod for our own back. If we were to be the perfect father, we’d have to get up early, way before the sun comes up, and perfect that strong image so we can protect our kids from all of the dangers in life.

Co-Parenting in Peace

Co-Parenting In Peace After A Separation

I love how curious kids are. It’s one of the things that makes them so utterly infectious, seeing the world through completely unbiased and unfiltered eyes as they navigate this and that, and ask questions that have us parents furiously rattling our brains to come up with the right answer.

Cool Dude to Cool Dad by

The Hard Path From Cool Dude To Cool Dad

hile you might have developed a cool attitude when you were a young adult, your sense of being cool can change dramatically when you have children. Your mindset changes and your perceptions of life don’t compare to the ones you [...]

Being a Superhero

Being A Superhero In The Eyes Of Your Kids

Throughout human history, we’ve looked to heroes. Before we had Superman, Batman, Captain America and Wonder Woman we had Gilgamesh, Hercules, and Achilles. But aside from the pantheon of heroes in our folklore and our mythologies, there are other heroes to whom we all look up the most in our formative years… Our parents. While our teenage selves would never have admitted it, we all admired (and even envied) our parents growing up.

Getting Taken to Court

What Will Happen if You’re Getting Taken to Court

There are all kinds of reasons why you might find yourself being taken to court. Sometimes, it can come out of nowhere and other times you might be keen to fight your case so that you can get the outcome you want or prove your innocence. Whatever your situation, you need to know how the process is going to play out and what you can expect as you move through the different stages of the process.

Protecting Your Kids from Divorce

A Semi-Shield: Protecting Your Kids from Divorce Appropriately

We have so many internal conflicts when we are striving to be a better father, not least when we are going through the divorce process. Sometimes we can feel that we have to protect our kids from all of the pain and anguish that we are going through, but conversely, are we doing as much damage to our children by not letting them in? This begs the question, how much should we really shield our children from the divorce, and is there anything we can do to make the process more palatable for them?

Be a Better Father

This Is How To Be A Better Father

Whether you have full, or partial custody of your kids, the most important thing is to be the best Dad you can be. Of course, being a good Dad isn’t an easy task, and there are many decisions and issue you will have to overcome along the way. The most crucial of which you can find out more about below.

How Phones Ruin Relationships

Cell Mutilation: How Phones Ruin Relationships

I don’t know you, but I can name one thing you keep on your person at all times. Yep, a cell phone has become that important in modern society. There isn’t a moment when you can’t look around and see millennials and baby boomers glancing at a screen. They’re everywhere and the surge doesn’t seem as if it’s going to stop anytime soon. As helpful as they are, they can ruin lives. Does this sound like a big statement? It should because it’s true, and relationships are in the firing line the most. Below are the reasons why cell phones mutilate love lives.

Prepping Yourself for the Courtroom by

Prepping Yourself for the Courtroom

ou have to do a whole lot of work to prepare yourself for any case in the courtroom. You have to find a reliable legal representative, gather your evidence, prepare your arguments, know your facts, and build up the confidence [...]