Custody After a Divorce

How To Improve Your Case for Custody After a Divorce

Divorce can be amicable, but more often than not, it can turn ugly. Though you should never put your children in the boxing ring with you, in some cases it is necessary to fight for primary or sole custody. If your spouse has an addiction, is notoriously poor with money and in huge debt, is abusive, or otherwise mentally unwell, then your children deserve a more stable, happy home.

Successful Single Dads

Five Important Lessons to Learn From Successful Single Dads

hen you’ve finally been through all of the legal battles and stressful court proceedings, it can feel like the nightmare has finally ended as you embark on a new life together with your child. Unfortunately, it’s likely not the last [...]

Father Son Time

Why Fishing is the Perfect Hobby for Father and Son Time

The opportunities for father and son together time start way before you even get anywhere near the water. Planning your new hobby is an exciting time and a great way to bond. You will need to take a shopping trip together to get equipped for your new interest. Researching products and making purchase decisions together adds to the experience.

Financially Survive Divorce

How To Financially Survive Divorce

One of the hardest parts of breaking up with a serious partner that rarely gets discussed is dealing with financial hardship. Unless you were the sole provider, divorce is likely to result in loss of income, as you won’t have someone else contributing to bills and everyday expenses. There may also be savings and assets that you jointly own, which need to be fairly divided. With all the emotional struggles surrounding a divorce, it’s often easy to make the wrong financial decisions. Here are just a few tips for helping you to financially survive divorce.

Avoid Unhealthy Ideas about Courtship

Young Men! Here’s How To Avoid Unhealthy Ideas About Courtship

As a young man, visiting the internet these days is a tumultuous time, for many reasons we needn’t go into here. We are not here to debate politics, or philosophy, or even contest with experiences you might have had. Instead, without being naive or disrespectful, we wish to try and help young men who may have adopted some bad ideas as their own, ideas that may ultimately force them out of the dating circuit through attitude alone.

Keeping on Top of Your Illness

Keeping On Top Of Your Illness: 5 Handy Tips

Being ill is always unpleasant. From the common cold to the flu or tonsillitis, being ill stops everything. If you’re trying to combat illness while working full-time, looking after a family, or trying to finish your education, then things can get very difficult. Keeping on top of your illness is essential if you want to speed up your recovery.

Things to Do During Your Free Time as a Dad

Things to Do During Your Free Time as a Dad

Parenting is no easy job and its one that demands a great deal of time. This is why many parents are either over the moon or confused when they finally get kid-free time to themselves. The reality is that there is an endless number of things that you can do depending on your mood and needs at that moment. It could include high-energy activities or lounging around the house guilt-free for once. On that note, here are a couple of ideas for things that you can do during your free time as a Dad.

Should You Ever Be Friends with Your Ex?

Can You (And Should You) Ever Be Friends With Your Ex?

Maybe friendship is too strong of a goal. Perhaps there is too much negative history and one or both of you years later still can’t get past it. Under those circumstances “friendship” may be unreachable. Maybe just being civil to one another while attending graduations or weddings is a step in the right direction.

You Can't Have a Healthy Marriage Without This

You Can’t Have a Healthy Marriage Without This

Everything starts out wonderful. In the early days of marriage or the ‘honeymoon period’, you’re relationship feels like it could never fail. But then kids, stress, and distractions crash the party. You might not notice at first, but cracks begin to appear in your relationship. Before you know it, your marriage is on the rocks. Your healthy marriage is in trouble. What went wrong?


A Co-Habitation Agreement: What You Need to Know

The rights of unmarried couples who live together have been debated for some years, but there is still little progress in terms of ensuring that the rights of unmarried couples are the same as those that are married. If you are an unmarried couple who live jointly within the same house, you may be thinking about obtaining a co-habitation agreement. These legal documents give you much more legal rights and protection than you would have if without it.