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How to Find the Best Custody Attorney by

How to Find the Best Custody Attorney

How to Find the Best Custody Attorney by Fred CamposYou’ve decided to hire a child custody attorney. That decision is critical to your success. It might be the most important decision you make. You not only have to find a good one, you must find the right one and I ABSOLUTELY believe you should hire one and not represent yourself.

With listings filled with names, promises and other hyperbolic terms, how you figure out which one who understands (and has experience) with cases similar to yours?

To find the best custody attorney, it takes some legwork.

General Tips to Find the Best Custody Attorney

• Ask friends and family members about their first and second hand experiences.
• Seek advice from court clerks who know the attorneys.
• Inquire other parents-even those with whom you are not overly familiar about what has worked for them.
• The state bar can pass on referrals.
• Depending on where you live, some courts may maintain a network of attorneys that can help you sort through the confusion.
• Check and see if we list any attorneys in your area.
• Read Six Tips for Hiring a Child Custody Attorney.

Interviewing Tips to Find the Best Custody Attorney

• Your attorney should be approachable, as you will develop an intimate relationship with this professional.
• Does this attorney have experience with cases similar to yours?
• Ask about a fee schedule. Are they on retainer or work on a fee?
• Ask about a free consultation. Taking advantage of that can give you great insight into your attorney’s style and personality.
• Read 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Attorney.
• Read Interviewing Custody Attorneys, 10 More Questions to Ask.

Check the Lawyer’s Reputation & Rating to Find the Best Custody Attorney

• Google your potential attorney and read the reviews.
• Read‘s review on your potential attorney.

And review your state’s attorney directory. That can tell you about any suspensions, unprofessional behavior, or official complaints the attorney might have had filed against her. You can follow all the guidelines listed above and still make a mistake. If you find the attorney doesn’t meet your needs, or is no longer effective in dealing with your case, fire her and begin a new search.

After all, you can’t risk working with the wrong person, you already did that once.

What suggestions would you make for finding an attorney?

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Fred Campos, Top Geek, blogs about everything from House of Cards to Subway. In addition to blogging, he is a public speaker and humorist in child custody, social media, web development and parenting. He is married to one @SuperParentMom, and raising three world changers. For more details on his custody course visit, Like this post? Make sure you subscribe to this blog.

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  • Amanda Scott March 16, 2015, 4:48 am

    Hi, thanks for sharing this nice post. You give the nice information about Find the Best Custody Attorney. I really enjoy read this article.

    • Fred Campos / FullCustodyDad March 18, 2015, 9:17 pm

      Thanks Amanda. Let me know if Kate wants a free listing (or help finishing out her website. *hehe*) – Fred

  • Deanna R. Jones March 24, 2015, 2:29 pm

    These seem like great tips for finding a good custody attorney. I thought that your point about finding an attorney who’s approachable is very important for parents who are getting a divorce. Figuring out how child custody will work out is difficult for both parents involved. Having an attorney who you know you can turn to for advice can help make figuring out the details to child custody a lot easier.

    • Fred Campos / FullCustodyDad March 25, 2015, 9:13 am


      I agree completely. You could be spending a great deal of time with this person, answering and sharing personal information. An attorney needs to be someone you can work with, feel comfortable with and communicate well with. In my experience, I even developed a friendship with my attorney.

      Thanks for sharing!