Custody Coaching

Starting in 2017, I have gotten more requests than ever for brief Skype or phone custody coaching. Although I am not an attorney, I have over 100 days in Texas courts, access to 40-50 attorneys from California to Florida, and currently the author of two online training courses (How to Win Custody of Your Kids and Winning the Texas Social Study – Due Out 11/2017).

As a non-attorney, I can really help and coach in the following areas:

  • How to Pick an Attorney
  • How to Best Assist Your Attorney with Evidence
  • What Judges & Caseworkers are Looking for in Custody
  • How to Prepare and Win the Social Study or Custody Evaluation
  • How to Be a Custodial Parent
  • Ways to Win and Keep Custody
  • Prpoer Ways to Communicate with the Ex
  • Co-Parenting Issues

I charge $100 for a 30-minute consult, or you can pre-buy 2-hour blocks of time at $75 per 30-min session. Sometimes one single idea can make the difference between winning and losing. Talking with someone who has been there before can greatly reduce the stress level of the unknown. It is good to discuss parent-to-parent custody and blended family issues.

I don’t have all the answers but for the past 19 years, I have been a great coach for many. I look forward to helping you and your kids.

Fred Campos

DGC Custody Coaching Calls