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Your Kids Need their Own Room at Your Place by Fred Campos

Your Kids Need Their Own Room at Your Place

The kids’ stuff shouldn’t be able to fit easily into a backpack, or even into a nice set of luggage. Their room needs to be decorated, pictures on the wall, games and books, stuff to do; it needs to look like a room your kids live in permanently, not just…

Buy or Clean a Coat, Tie & Suit Prior to Court by Fred Campos

Buy or Clean a Coat, Tie & Suit Prior to Court

Every time you walk into court, whether you’re coming in to drop off a piece of paper, make a child support payment, or even if it was just the closest bathroom on your way to somewhere else, you need to be dressed to the hilt. The legal system is a very, very judgmental system.

Get a PTA School Volunteer Job by

Get a PTA or Volunteer Job at Your Kids’ School

You have heard it said time and time again, fathers that are involved in their children’s school make a positive impact on their kids’ grades, behavior, and overall attitude towards education and learning. A study based on the data from 17,000 students from Kindergarten through High School, 1996 National Household Education Survey…

Deciding It Is Worth the Fight (for Custody) by

Deciding It Is Worth the Fight! (for Custody)

You need to stop what you’re doing, go to the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror the give some serious thought to the following statements. Being a custodial parent is tough. While still being the financial provider, you’ll do most of the parenting, …