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Family Photos are Priceless by Fred Campos

Family Photos are Priceless in Custody

You are driving home from work to grab a quick lunch. The kids are at school and nobody is home. As you turn into your neighborhood you see smoke rising from a house on your street. You think to yourself, “I hope it is nobody I know whose house is on fire.”

Sabotaging Your Custody Case

Sabotaging Your Custody Case

Judges and courts take drug/alcohol abuse seriously. If accused, allegations can be legitimized through testing, evaluations and interviews. If you have an alcohol or drug abuse problem, get help immediately, otherwise the other parent will have a strong case against you; and it may cost you joint custody or visitation.

Making Divorce Smooth for Kids by Fred Campos

6 Ideas to Make a Smooth Divorce for Your Kids

“A hundred years from now it will not matter what sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was, or the kind of car I drove, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of my child.” It’s been estimated that between 40-50% of marriages will end in divorce, and 60% of those will involve children.

7 Father Secrets Before Attempting Custody by Fred Campos

7 Father Secrets Before Attempting Custody

If your Ex has custody of your children, and you want it changed, you have to prepare long before your court date. You should come armed with a host of documents and personal history regarding you and your children, enough to convince a judge that you can handle not just your kids,

Being Mr. Mom Increases a Father's Possibility for Custody by Fred Campos

Being Mr. Mom Increases a Father’s Possibility for Custody

Fathers often face an almost built-in obstacle when fighting for custody. In spite of recent advances in granting fathers custody, mothers still win the majority of cases. And rightfully so. Although the “tender age” doctrine has mostly been replaced with “the best interest of the child,” traditional family roles tend to make that interest the mother.

5 Tips Newly Divorced Parent by @FullCustodyDad,

5 Tips You Must Follow, Newly Divorced Parent

You married the wrong person. You admit your mistake. You have divorced, and are in the process of picking up the pieces and get on with your life, all made more difficult because of the children involved. They are a part of the separation. They will go through emotional difficulties as well, and those issues must be addressed.

Remember Grandparents in Child Custody by @FullCustodyDad

Remember Grandparents in Child Custody Equation

What are the grandparents’ relationship to your children? The answer will vary greatly from family to family, of course as so many factors come into play. Grandparents’ age, health, proximity, relationship with their own children (and the in-laws), what the [...]

Benefits of Photos in a Child Custody Case by @FullCustodyDad

Kid Centric Photos, a Secret Weapon in Custody

When you walk into your custody trial, it’s a terrifying and disturbing time for you and your family. It’s a time of high stress, high risk and probably high attorney fees. However, the judge’s response will likely range from “I hate this type of case,” to “here we go again.” They’ve seen it before, they will see it again, and after a while, the cases run together.

7 Courtesy Tips When Talking to a Judge by @FullCustodyDad

7 Courtesy Tips When Talking to a Judge

t doesn’t matter how much research or homework you do before you enter that courtroom as a defendant or plaintiff, it’s intimidating. Even if you have done everything right, or “by the book” in these circumstances, it’s still overwhelming. The [...]

Court Conduct, 10 Tips for Inside the Courtroom by @FullCustodyDad

Court Conduct, 10 Tips for Inside the Courtroom

When entering the courtroom for your hearing, you should know a few ground rules and expectations. It was funny to watch Jo Pesci’s character, Vinny Gambini, get in constant trouble with his behavior in the 1992 courtroom comedy, My Cousin Vinny.

Winning Your Custody Case Depends On You by Fred Campos

Winning Your Case Depends On You

I am frequently asked, “Who else should I hire to help in my court case?” To answer that question, I have invited Joseph Goldberg to guest post. Joseph is the leading expert in Parental Alienation and a consultant on the [...]

You Never Know Who Is Watching in Court by Fred Campos

Court Conduct, You Never Know Who’s Watching

Years ago Tom was seen wandering around the court house. A gentleman, probably picking up on Tom’s confusing body language, asked if he needed some help. “Yes, I’m looking for the coffee machine.” “I’ll take you there. What brings you [...]

10 Reasons Why Dad Got Full Custody by Fred Campos

10 Reasons I Got Full Custody (as a Dad)

It has been 11 years since I was awarded full custody of my then, four year old daughter, in my paternity suit. And perhaps the single most often asked question I receive is, “How did you do that?” The question [...]

The Importance of Child Custody Evaluation, Fred Campos

The Importance Of A Child Custody Evaluation

If you are a parent who is divorced or in the process of a divorce and cannot agree on parenting issues with the other parent a child custody evaluation may be done by an independent…

Showtime Begins and Ends in Court from Your Car by Fred Campos

Showtime Begins & Ends in Court from Your Car

Judges, opposing counsels, witnesses, are parking cars next to yours, walking in behind you and either getting the doors held for them by you—or else closed in their faces. During my trial, I saw dads and other people going to court who were losing their cool in the parking garage.