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Neighbor Talk in Gaining Custody

Swallowing Pride May Prove a Key Element in Gaining Custody (2/3)

If your children live with your Ex, talking to the neighbors can provide you some valuable information, and possibly give you an ally in your quest to keep your child. Brandon’s dad knew something was up when Brandon’s stepbrother cut short his summer stay at the home of his dad and Brandon’s mother.

Swallowing Pride May Prove a Key Element in Gaining Custody

Swallowing Pride May Prove a Key Element in Gaining Custody (1/3)

Your divorce left you mentally and emotionally battered, poorer, even humiliated. But the months (years?) of fighting doesn’t stop with ending the relationship with your now-Ex. You’re still facing a child custody case. And get ready for more humiliation. She will likely extend her vitriol by painting you as a bad parent, maybe even more vociferously than she did as a spouse. You will want to lash out, and via your attorney, you will.

Document Time with Kids by

Worried About Custody? Document Time with Your Kids

Dads who are unfamiliar with the court system often don’t realize that even in family court, there are a lot of procedures in place to expedite the process of settling child custody matters. Because of this, a court will often make a number of assumptions about how much time Dad spends with his kids, and will default to standard visitation.

Joint Custody a Death Sentence for Super Dads

Joint Custody a Death Sentence for Super Dads

If you are an extraordinary parent, asking for sole custody doesn’t make you a bad guy. Would Susie’s life be better off with her spending the majority of time with you? Are you capable of being the primary parent? If you answer those questions honestly and are not the better parent, then I think joint custody is absolutely fine to walk into. Just understand exactly what you are signing up for.

How to Prepare for a Social Study

How to Prepare for a Court Appointed Social Study

Previously I gave you ten recommendations to Be Prepared for Your Child Custody Evaluation, or social study as they are called in Texas. Today I want to go much deeper and look as very specific tasks to consider for a court appointed social study. Type Out the Paperwork Fully & Completely.

10 Last Minute Steps When Suddenly Served Divorce

10 Last Minute Steps When Suddenly Served Divorce

You knew this moment was coming. There have been signs for months. You walked out to your car to go to lunch and a gentlemen asks your name, then hands you divorce paperwork. You’ve been suddenly served divorce. What are the First Tasks to Accomplish When Suddenly Served Divorce?

Is Moving in with Parents Beneficial?

Is Moving In with Parents Beneficial?

Since your divorce, expenses are tight, worse than expected. Maybe you lost your job. Perhaps one of your children got sick. Or maybe the stress of raising a child alone has proven an overwhelming task. Whatever the situation, you now find yourself unable to handle raising a child on your own. So you take a safety route and ask to move in with your parents.

Will Your Divorce Affect Your Kids' Future Marriages?

Will Your Divorce Affect Your Kids’ Future Marriages?

Many of the children of divorce fear splitting up and are determined not to let it happen to them. But it does. Children of divorce have a higher rate of divorce themselves than children from intact families. Penn State sociologist Paul Amato, who has studied adults whose parents divorced, …

An Effective Childcare Plan Helped Father Gain Custody

An Effective Childcare Plan Helped Father Gain Custody

In January 2013, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania switched a couple’s joint-custody arrangement to giving sole custody to the father. The child was just about to start kindergarten. The trial took only two days. While the mother focused on the past and failed to show her worthiness as the better parent.

10 Kid Concerns You NEED to Know Before Divorcing

10 Kid Concerns You NEED to Know Before Divorcing

Parents considering divorce face far more considerations than do childless couples. Their actions affect far more than in-laws and friends. They also can’t make a ‘clean break,’ since for the next few (if not several) years, they will be…

Winning Custody Kit Course by

How to Win Custody of Your Kids Course

For years now it has been my passion to meet with parents on court strategies to help them win custody. While I still love meeting with parents, there is only so many people I can meet with one-on-one. And this is why I am developing this course I am so excited to tell you about today. When my daughter turned four, I became the primary custodian…

Custody Facts to Focus On

7 Custody Facts You Need to Focus On

What you do with your spare time, how you conduct yourself, what you say on social media is now up for evaluation in child custody. So all things being equal, what does your custody case really come down too? What elements should you be focused on?

Stay in the Same School District

Stay in the Same School District & Live as Close to Your Ex as Possible

Parents divorcing can be a traumatic experience for kids. It can send their whole life into upheaval all by itself. Add onto that changing schools, losing friends, having to give up activities. Aside from just caring more about your kids than what neighborhood you live in, staying in the same school district is also impresses the Judge.

Delay the Divorce Until Kids are Grown by Fred Campos

Delay Divorce Until Kids are Grown

For $50 million, do you think you could suffer through this pathetic marriage situation for 2 or 5 years until your kids are grown? When I tell this to dads or co-parenting situations, almost everybody says *“Yes!”* Because the reward factor is higher than the pain factor!

How to Gain Custody After the Divorce

How to Gain Custody After the Divorce

When I tell parents that in cases where both parents are pretty good and equal, I rarely see judges changing custody just because the kids want them too. It does in fact happen. However a closer look of the facts usually reveals the change is being made “outside” the courtroom.