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Your Child Starts their Educational Journey by

What to Expect When Your Child Starts their Educational Journey

When your little ones are so young, you always seem to want the next milestone to come along. The one where they will start talking, the one where they start walking, running playing, communicating. But then as the age approaches for them to start their educational journey you all of a sudden wonder why you rushed it all.

Alternatives to a Bicycle by

Transport For Tots: Modern Alternatives To A Bicycle

Cycling has long been one of the most popular ways for people to move around. Giving access to pavements, roads, and anything in between, a lot of people find that this form of transport is very useful. For kids, it presents freedom which can’t be found anywhere else, but this can make it hard for some parents.

Dad's Guide to Dealing with Divorce

A Dad’s Guide To Dealing With Divorce

Divorce is not going to be easy, no matter who is involved. It is a tricky process filled with emotions that often can’t be explained, other than that they’re causing a lot of pain and hurt. Even if a divorce is agreed on both sides, there’s still going to be some sort of emotion involved.

Educational Experience

Preparing Yourself and Your Child for Their Educational Experience

etting your little one ready for school is a big deal. Most people don’t take into account the preparation that often goes into securing them a place in the school of your choice and ensuring that they’re ready to spend [...]

Keeping the Kids Healthy by

A Dad’s Simple Guide to Keeping the Kids Healthy

It’s not just Moms that are concerned for the children health, Dads are too. That means if you are the little one’s primary caregiver health is definitely something that needs to be high on your priority list. With this in mind check out the simple guide to keeping the little one as healthy as possible.

Austin Amtrak Station from

De Train, Boss, De Train!

After spending the night in Austin, in our wonderful accommodations provided by Airbnb Joey, we packed up and ventured to see one of my DFW Website Designers client, Mario from (Forgive the name dropping, we need the backlinking. *hehe*) Mario bought another website more than paying for this trip.
After visiting and serving us a late brunch, he dropped us off in downtown Austin.

First Father/Son Trip on a Greyhound Bus

Father Son Trips Trains, Buses and Ubermobiles

It has been a reflective year for me so far. I’ve been thinking about special moments I had as a child with my parents. Most of those moments include special one-on-one times. When I have shared these stories with others, they also tell me about special fishing or camping trips they took with their Dad as a kid. Sometimes those moments happen by chance, and sometimes they were crafted by the parent to make lasting memories.

Car Seat Installation

It’s Time to Review Your Car Seat Installation

When I was growing up, it was perfectly acceptable from my grandfather to have a loaded gun in the front seat, be drinking a cold beverage, doing 70 mph down the highway, while I and my cousin stood straight up in the back of an open pickup truck. 40 years later, it was amazing I’m alive today. It was the age before car seats.

How Not to Over Spend When Expecting by

New Parent Alert: How Not to Overspend

Becoming a new parent is both exciting and overwhelming. Whether you are a couple, or going it alone, the emotional rollercoaster you are about to embark on will change you as a person forever. While the traumas of pregnancy and the long wait will go faster than you anticipate, one element many new parents start to panic about is what their new baby will need in those first few months.

3 Pieces of Advice for Single Dads

3 Pieces Of Advice For Single Dads We Wish We Were Given

Being a Dad is no easy feat. Just trying to find the balance between providing for your kids and enjoying time with your kids is a constant battle where one can affect the other. However, being a single Dad is a whole new ball game. Literally. It is like trying to play two-against-one badminton in a lion’s den. There are just so many responsibilities to juggle.

Letters to Caitlyn,

Letters to Caitlyn, Weekly Advice for a Daughter at College

My Dearest Caitlyn, By the time you receive this first letter, you will have enjoyed the first couple days of your college life. I loved college and you will have the time of your life meeting new friends and learning new concepts. College was one of the happiest times of my life.

7 Ways to Get Involved in Your Kids' School

7 Ways to Get Involved in Your Kids’ School

It’s back to school time. My kids here in North Texas started last week. I know for many of you, your kids will start after Labor Day. Nevertheless, I thought it would be a great time to review ideas on how to get involved in your kids’ school. 7 Ways to Get Involved in Your Kids’ School…

Good Custodial Parenting Requires Some Adjustments

Good Custodial Parenting Requires Adjustments (2/2)

No matter how much you love you kids, and thrilled to get them full-time, remember they are part of your world, not your entire world. You need some time to yourself, develop and maintain relationships with others. Last time, we listed five ways in which Dads can, with little effort achieve these goals, this time we’ll list five more.

Good Custodial Parenting Requires Adjustments

Good Custodial Parenting Requires Adjustments (1/2)

Now that you have won custody of your children, your relationship with them will probably need modification from your former “weekend Dad” days. This transition can put a strain on both parent and child. As a weekend Dad, Julie and Johnny were actually visitors. You could justify being bit more free-wheeling with them, with somewhat lax rules, undetermined bed times, and scheduled more elaborate weekend activities than you were comfortable with.

Let's Have Fun with Our Children

Let’s Have Fun With Our Children

Like most new parents, returning to work and leaving a newborn at home — even for just a few hours — was enough to break Priscilla’s heart. When she went back to work on nights and weekends six weeks after giving birth, Eric began staying home with Jack. The doting dad decided to do take an extra step in order to keep Priscilla in the loop and up-to-date with Jack’s daily life.