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Protecting Your Children

Handling It With “Dad Gloves” – Protecting Your Children (Without Going Overboard!)

We try our best to do well by our kids, and, when it comes to being a caring, attentive father, we can be bound by various pressures. It’s very difficult when you see the epitome of the “perfect” dad out in the street, or on television, and you try to emulate this, you can make a rod for our own back. If we were to be the perfect father, we’d have to get up early, way before the sun comes up, and perfect that strong image so we can protect our kids from all of the dangers in life.

Being a Superhero

Being A Superhero In The Eyes Of Your Kids

Throughout human history, we’ve looked to heroes. Before we had Superman, Batman, Captain America and Wonder Woman we had Gilgamesh, Hercules, and Achilles. But aside from the pantheon of heroes in our folklore and our mythologies, there are other heroes to whom we all look up the most in our formative years… Our parents. While our teenage selves would never have admitted it, we all admired (and even envied) our parents growing up.

Be a Better Father

This Is How To Be A Better Father

Whether you have full, or partial custody of your kids, the most important thing is to be the best Dad you can be. Of course, being a good Dad isn’t an easy task, and there are many decisions and issue you will have to overcome along the way. The most crucial of which you can find out more about below.

Single Dad Survival Kit by

The Single Dad Survival Kit

Life is tough on pretty much everybody. We’re all struggling under the yoke of suppressed wages, long working hours, rents that continue to crawl upwards even as our pay stagnates and a cost of living that always seems just out of our reach. For a single parent, however, an already difficult life can seem like swimming against the tide. We wage a never-ending battle with ourselves. We constantly turn the cold light of introspection upon ourselves and our lives. We’re always asking ourselves if we could and should be doing more to advance our career while constantly plagued by doubts as to whether we’re doing the best thing for our kids.

Summer is Coming

Summer Is Coming: These Are The Parenting Tactics You Need To Succeed

Whether you are looking forward to or dreading the summer vacation, the fact is that it’s coming, and soon! Of course, summer doesn’t have to be fraught will stress and hassle for parents or their kids. In fact, if you stick to the advice below you will be able to have a fun-filled and successful summer that everyone will enjoy.

Let Your Kids Be Who They Are by

Letting Your Kids Be Who They Are

Being able to be who you are is one of the best feelings in life. It means you’re always going to be looking at what you want, saying what you want, doing what you want, and ultimately living in a healthy and positive manner. To accomplish this our kids should be encouraged from a young age, and that encouragement should always start with the parents!

Lessons to Teach Your Kids by

Important Lessons to Teach Your Kids While They’re Young

Kids have brains like sponges. They soak everything up from the time they are babies: everything you say and do, the attitudes and beliefs that you have – even if you don’t see this right away. This means that it’s imperative to teach them certain lessons while they’re young, so they can get into the habit of them and become healthy, happy, well-rounded adults.

Your Child Starts their Educational Journey by

What to Expect When Your Child Starts their Educational Journey

When your little ones are so young, you always seem to want the next milestone to come along. The one where they will start talking, the one where they start walking, running playing, communicating. But then as the age approaches for them to start their educational journey you all of a sudden wonder why you rushed it all.

Alternatives to a Bicycle by

Transport For Tots: Modern Alternatives To A Bicycle

Cycling has long been one of the most popular ways for people to move around. Giving access to pavements, roads, and anything in between, a lot of people find that this form of transport is very useful. For kids, it presents freedom which can’t be found anywhere else, but this can make it hard for some parents.

Dad's Guide to Dealing with Divorce

A Dad’s Guide To Dealing With Divorce

Divorce is not going to be easy, no matter who is involved. It is a tricky process filled with emotions that often can’t be explained, other than that they’re causing a lot of pain and hurt. Even if a divorce is agreed on both sides, there’s still going to be some sort of emotion involved.

Educational Experience

Preparing Yourself and Your Child for Their Educational Experience

etting your little one ready for school is a big deal. Most people don’t take into account the preparation that often goes into securing them a place in the school of your choice and ensuring that they’re ready to spend [...]

Keeping the Kids Healthy by

A Dad’s Simple Guide to Keeping the Kids Healthy

It’s not just Moms that are concerned for the children health, Dads are too. That means if you are the little one’s primary caregiver health is definitely something that needs to be high on your priority list. With this in mind check out the simple guide to keeping the little one as healthy as possible.

Austin Amtrak Station from

De Train, Boss, De Train!

After spending the night in Austin, in our wonderful accommodations provided by Airbnb Joey, we packed up and ventured to see one of my DFW Website Designers client, Mario from (Forgive the name dropping, we need the backlinking. *hehe*) Mario bought another website more than paying for this trip.
After visiting and serving us a late brunch, he dropped us off in downtown Austin.

First Father/Son Trip on a Greyhound Bus

Father Son Trips Trains, Buses and Ubermobiles

It has been a reflective year for me so far. I’ve been thinking about special moments I had as a child with my parents. Most of those moments include special one-on-one times. When I have shared these stories with others, they also tell me about special fishing or camping trips they took with their Dad as a kid. Sometimes those moments happen by chance, and sometimes they were crafted by the parent to make lasting memories.

Car Seat Installation

It’s Time to Review Your Car Seat Installation

When I was growing up, it was perfectly acceptable from my grandfather to have a loaded gun in the front seat, be drinking a cold beverage, doing 70 mph down the highway, while I and my cousin stood straight up in the back of an open pickup truck. 40 years later, it was amazing I’m alive today. It was the age before car seats.