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7 Ways to Get Involved in Your Kids' School

7 Ways to Get Involved in Your Kids’ School

It's back to school time. My kids here in North Texas started last week. I know for many of you, your kids will start after Labor Day. Nevertheless, I thought it would be a great time to review ideas on how to get involved in your kids' school. 7 Ways to Get Involved in Your Kids' School...

Good Custodial Parenting Requires Some Adjustments

Good Custodial Parenting Requires Adjustments (2/2)

No matter how much you love you kids, and thrilled to get them full-time, remember they are part of your world, not your entire world. You need some time to yourself, develop and maintain relationships with others. Last time, we listed five ways in which Dads can, with little effort achieve these goals, this time we’ll list five more.

Good Custodial Parenting Requires Adjustments

Good Custodial Parenting Requires Adjustments (1/2)

Now that you have won custody of your children, your relationship with them will probably need modification from your former “weekend Dad” days. This transition can put a strain on both parent and child. As a weekend Dad, Julie and Johnny were actually visitors. You could justify being bit more free-wheeling with them, with somewhat lax rules, undetermined bed times, and scheduled more elaborate weekend activities than you were comfortable with.

Let's Have Fun with Our Children

Let’s Have Fun With Our Children

Like most new parents, returning to work and leaving a newborn at home — even for just a few hours — was enough to break Priscilla’s heart. When she went back to work on nights and weekends six weeks after giving birth, Eric began staying home with Jack. The doting dad decided to do take an extra step in order to keep Priscilla in the loop and up-to-date with Jack’s daily life.

The Involved Custodial Dad is into His Kids' Activities

The Involved Custodial Dad is into His Kids’ Activities

Whether you are currently the custodial parent to your kids or are working toward that goal, staying involved in their lives is critical. If you don’t have primary custody of your children but plan to fight for that privilege, then actively working to be fully present in their lives will reflect well on you in court.

Alienating Dad is Bad for Your Kids

10 Reasons Alienating Dad is Bad for Your Kids

In my free time, I work and encourage parents going through divorce. I talk with Moms and Dads who are really struggling to co-parent or work with one another. Occasionally, I will meet a Mom who tells me she sees no value in her kids spending time with Dad. Or a Mom who will ask me is there any hard evidence that divorce children benefit from seeing their father?

Helpful Links for Single Dads by

More Helpful Links for Single Dads (Part 2 of 2)

Earlier, with the help of Cordell and Cordell, we listed single-parent resources for dads and children. This time, we shift the focus to parenting and children. Helpful Links for Single Dads: Children’s Rights Council. Formed in 1985, , the CRC is a Washington-based non-profit organization that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents...

Helpful Links to Help Divorced Dads by

Helpful Links to Help Divorced Dads (Part 1 of 2)

Divorced Dads need more than legal help. They need solutions to everyday problems. They battle emotional, financial, family, work, plus a myriad of issues, many unforeseen. So what to do and where to go? The law office of Cordell and Cordell has come up with a series of potential resources for Dads...

30 Simplistic Ways to Reduce Stress for Parents

30 Simplistic Ways to Reduce Stress for Parents

When we're busy taking care of others, one of the very first things we neglect is taking care of ourselves. For many singe dads, this can lead to single parent burnout. To avoid this, take some time today to do something just for you. It doesn't have to require a babysitter, ...

Is Working at Home Right for You?

Divorced Parent, Is Working at Home Right for You?

As a new single parent, you face unexpected obstacles and changes to your life. Personal relationships could suffer, even if you have won custody of your children. You may have to downsize your lifestyle. You’ll make new friends, and likely travel in different social circles.

Tips that Help Single Parents Save Time

Tips That Help Single Parents Save Time

Newly-single parents face new, many times unexpected challenges. Maybe the most overlooked is that of the daily routines that you likely never considered, but now requires more effort and time. What follows is four tips that can help the suddenly single parent save time and money. With so much to do, many single parents struggle...

How to Build the 4th Grade Alamo Project

How to Build the 4th Grade Alamo Project

When I was a kid, the only resources available for school projects were the World Book Encyclopedias. Today encyclopedias are now Google searches. For my daughter’s 4th grade Alamo project, we got ideas off the Internet. So for all you parent surfers out there who need ideas and help for your child’s 4th grade Alamo project, here are the steps Caitlyn took in her assignment.

Road Trip with Kids

How to Be a Cool Dad and Not a Clark Griswold

The core of the road trip folly, especially when you are a family of five or six, is cramming into a hotel room with two beds and a make shifting couch for your five-year old. I firmly believe being sardined day-after-day adds to the vacation irritation and lack of sleep stress.

How to Plan the Ultimate Sweet 16 Birthday Party

How to Plan the Ultimate Sweet 16 Party

This year I ran across an easier idea that ranked 97-99% on the 16th birthday party poll. (Yes, I actually polled my daughter's friends--I am that geeky!) The concept was a citywide scavenger hunt. Basically you invite a bunch of your kid's friends over, give them a bunch of clues and a time limit, then have them take pictures of the answers for prices.

Extreme Custodial Parenting Accommodation Story

Dad’s Letter to His 16 Year Old Daughter

I prayed and fought hard for you before you were born and have never stopped ever since. Some day you will truly understand the reasons I needed to be your full-time Daddy. A decision I have never regretted and the positive impact on your life is far better than I could have ever hoped or imagined.